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Smartwatch Christmas gift guide: A little something for everyone

Smartwatch Christmas gift guide: A little something for everyone

Since Fitbit first launched in 2009, fitness trackers have grown massively in popularity, with products available for everyone from kids to the most ardent fitness fanatics. With a new year on the horizon, a more active 2020 will be on many people’s list of resolutions, and finding the right device for the right person is easier when you know the range.

Fitbit Inspire HR - for the best low cost solution

Smartwatch Christmas gift guide: A little something for everyone

Fitbit’s Inspire HR packs plenty of functionality into a tiny package, which makes it an ideal choice for someone looking to start their journey into a healthier new year. The minimalist band is discreet to wear, and will work away in the background tracking steps, distance, and calories burned through the day, running up to five days before it needs a charge.

With a 24/7 heart rate monitor built into the device, tracking your resting heart rate, as well as monitoring heart rate while exercising is made very simple. The Fitbit app gives easy access to heart rate data, as well as activity and exercise statistics, and sleep tracking. Priced at €99.95 the Inspire HR is ideally placed as an entry level fitness tracker that delivers everything you need to get started without breaking the bank.

Fitbit Charge 3 - adding more features and functionality

Smartwatch Christmas gift guide: A little something for everyone

The Charge 3 builds on the success of Fitbit’s Inspire HR, offering extra functionality in a slightly chunkier package. The Charge 3 gives you all the same benefits in terms of heart rate monitor, and activity and sleep tracking, but the bigger display and battery allow the Charge 3 to give up to seven days running time before plugging it in.

The larger form also leads to some extra functionality in the Charge 3, including a smart reply feature to messages from your phone and some additional apps so you can check weather reports from your wrist. The Charge 3 also has an altimeter for elevation tracking, which makes it ideal for people walking outdoors who want to keep track of total elevation each day.

At €149.95, the Charge 3 costs more, but offers more, including the ability to connect to Fitbit Pay so you can use the watch to make contactless payments on the go.

Fitbit Versa Lite - for a streamlined smartwatch experience

Smartwatch Christmas gift guide: A little something for everyone

Fitbit’s Versa Lite makes a shift into smartwatch territory, leaving behind the simple minimalist band in favour of a larger colour screen. Starting at €159.95, the Versa Lite gives a lot more smart functionality, so you can get messages, calls, and calendar alerts displaying on your device, as well as downloading additional apps and clock faces.

The larger display makes the Versa Lite all the more easy to use while exercising, where it can display heart rate, as well as real-time pace and distance for running or walking when connected to your phone’s GPS. Tracking health and wellness goals through the Fitbit app will give personalised feedback and reminders to help you stay on track.

Fitbit Versa 2 - for the fitness geek

Smartwatch Christmas gift guide: A little something for everyone

Fitbit’s latest offering, the Versa 2, adds in a host of extra features along with a larger, Amoled screen. Chief among these is integration with Amazon Alexa, so you can use your voice to set reminders and alarms, as well as checking the weather or finding out where the nearest place to get a post-workout smoothie is.

The Versa 2 also includes Fitbit Pay, for contactless payments, as well as on-screen workouts, so you can follow along with guided exercises to watch on your phone or on the Versa 2 screen. Another added feature for Versa 2 is the integration with music; you can store music directly on the device, or use the device as an on-wrist remote control for Spotify if streaming from your phone.

All of these is on top of Fitbit’s usual range of sleep and activity tracking, and 24/7 heart rate monitoring. The added features bump the price of Versa 2 up to €199.95.

Fitbit Ace 2 - for the kids

Smartwatch Christmas gift guide: A little something for everyone

The Fitbit Ace 2 is a fitness band aimed at children aged 6 and over. With a range of colourful options, the Ace 2 acts as a slimline tracker that can monitor and motivate children’s sleep and fitness habits.

A thicker bezel makes the device more resilient, and users can connect through a family app to compete and earn rewards based on their habits. Outside the steps and activity tracking, the watch can also give bedtime reminders, as well as vibrating alarms to help make morning a little easier.

The battery on the Ace 2 can last up to five days, and the device costs €69.95

For more information, visit: fitbit.com/ie/home


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