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Sims IVF Cork – Teamwork at its Best

In association with Sims IVF Cork

A place where respect, confidentiality and medical excellence reside

City Gate at Mahon in Cork has become a focal point for medical treatment in recent years and this is where Sims IVF Cork is located. The clinic is a small, patient focused clinic – set up so that each patient gets consultancy time with the resident, internationally trained consultant, Dr. Alejandro Aldape.

Dr. Alex is an expert in obstetrics and gynaecology. He graduated from University and began his consultant training in Mexico, rising to the level of chief resident doctor. He then continued his specialist fertility training in Spain in Vall’d Hebron University Hospital, Barcelona. Dr. Alex completed a Masters Degree and continued to specialise in fertility testing and treatment, working with a number of Spain’s most prominent fertility clinics and he developed a special interest in ovarian reserve and ‘low responder’ patients.

Dr. Alex also worked in Equatorial Guinea and Angola, where he set up a much-needed reproductive service.

In 2016, Dr. Alex was invited to bring his expertise to Sims IVF Cork, to assist patients in search of greater insights into their fertility status and who wanted to work with a consultant with expertise garnered from outside of Ireland. Dr. Alex supports the ethos of the Sims IVF Cork clinic, which was established for people who need individualised support and care to address their fertility challenges.

He believes in a balance of care, which integrates medical evidence with a personal approach and a warmth, which is not always available from the medical profession.

Dr. Alex says, “When it comes to treating fertility issues – sometimes small is best. We work closely with our patients. There is a warmth, a trust and a sense of teamwork between us. I am Alex to my patients – not Dr. Aldape – because as their doctor, I’m on their team and we are working together to resolve a fertility problem. We take our patients’ views, recommendations and ideas into account as we design and implement the treatment plan. We work with patients, not for them – there’s a subtle but important difference."

The closeness of the relationship enables us to support couples through a very emotional time in their lives.

Dr. Alex is supported by a team, which includes Cork-born clinic manager Geraldine Keohane. Geraldine was formerly Director of Midwifery at Cork University Maternity Hospital. Geraldine brings an extraordinary level of knowledge, capability and insight to the Cork team.

“We’re also bringing additional fertility treatments to Cork,” says Dr. Alex. “We now offer an Irish based egg donation service, which is proving extremely popular with patients – because it offers an excellent chance of success. Our pricing is competitive relative to international egg donation programmes and there is no need to travel to abroad, which is very positive.

"We have also had good results with double stimulation protocol, for those with low AMH or who are poor responders. Patients want new solutions to fertility problems that have not been resolved elsewhere”, says Dr. Alex.

The atmosphere at Sims IVF Cork is warm and convivial as well as highly professional. The entire team - from laboratory to nursing to administration staff - are all dedicated to providing a positive result for patients.

Dr. Alex says: “The feedback from patients about what we offer is outstanding. We really care for people and we are honest, caring and warm in our approach. That’s what defines us. Our results exceed the EU and UK average – something we are also very proud of.”

You can arrange an appointment with Dr. Aldape by calling Sims IVF Cork on 021 441 0900 or go to sims.ie/Cork.


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