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Respect for animals and land key for farming success

Respect for animals and land key for farming success
Tim Dunne.

Tim Dunne has been farming in Mitchelstown in North Cork for more than 40 years and believes that his choice of career is something of a calling or a vocation.

According to Tim, a high level of care and respect, both for land and animals is required in order to produce the highest quality food for the consumer.

“Good farmers are always concerned about the welfare and wellbeing of their stock. We have more capacity than people would think to care for our cattle and to mind them like we would our family.

This duty of care applies to all aspects of the farm. It is vital that all farmers are respectful of the land as we are only its short-term custodians and must eventually pass it on to future generations.

Tim says that with its long working hours year-round, farming certainly is not for what he describes as the ‘faint-hearted’ but he is keen to highlight the benefits of farming as a promising career for younger generations.

“I’ve been so fortunate to farm as it meant I was my own boss and I was able to be the architect of my own destiny which was so important to me.

"I would certainly say to a young person, if you are able to and you are passionate about agriculture, to go for it; it is a great life.”

Tim is Chairman of the Irish Angus Producer Group and was involved in the development of the Certified Irish Angus Beef brand which has a unique system of certification whereby each animal is individually inspected to verify their breed and that they meet the standards required to be Certified Irish Angus Beef.

This premium beef range has been sold as a Tesco Finest* brand for more than 20 years and is loved by consumers for its tenderness and taste which comes from its characteristic marbling.

The flavour profile of the meat is also enhanced by the foraging habits of Angus cattle, who tend to seek out sweeter grasses in pastures to graze.

There are over 9,000 farmer members producing Certified Irish Angus Beef in Ireland including, Brian Dyer in Claremorris and James Murphy in Tipperary.

Brian Dyer, Claremorris Co. Mayo

Brian Dyer.
Brian Dyer.

Brian Dyer from Claremorris in County Mayo lives with his wife Sinead and their three children on a 250-acre farm. Brian’s children love to help him on the farm and he encourages this as it provides them with great exposure to nature and the outdoors.

Brian has enjoyed farming since he was a child and although he admits that initially, it was the machinery he liked, this has since changed with his love for Angus cattle.

Brian admits that Angus is his favourite meat because of its unique flavour profile.

James Murphy, Co. Tipperary

James Murphy.
James Murphy.

James Murphy has been farming in the foothills of the Silvermines mountains, in North Tipperary, ever since he took over his father’s farm in 1992 when he was just 21 years old.

James lives on the farm with his wife of 20 years and their four children, who love helping out with the cattle.

James was motivated to farm Angus after travelling to America, where he learned more about their docile nature which makes them perfect for a family farm.

James hopes that when the time comes to ‘hang up the wellies’ that he might be succeeded by his eldest son Conor.


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