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Keeping our children safe in a worrying digital age

The internet is an amazing platform for kids to access, filled with educational content as well as ways for them to communicate with their friends.

Many people also believe that the internet is a modern plague, as our children are often spending too much time online.

One of the bigger problems arising for the parents of tech-savvy kids is how to keep them safe in the virtual world that they are spending more and more time in.

Parents need a simple solution to ensure that the dangers of the internet and social media are kept at bay.

In the physical world, we use safety devices in our day to day lives to keep kids safe. From seat belts and specials seats in cars, to bicycle helmets and protective gear when playing with their friends, we do our best to make sure that children are kept safe from physical dangers.

Why should it be any different for the online world? What protections can we put in place?

iKydz have something that can put parents' minds at ease.

“IKydz is a plug and play device that works by creating a safe network for kids. Parents can use it to block inappropriate content, block access to specific sites, manage access to social media, control individual devices and set time limits on internet use or on the use of specific sites,” says company founder John Molloy. “The key for parents is that we have made iKydz really easy to use; one app on their phone lets parents manage every connected device in their home – phones, smart TVs, gaming consoles, tablets and every other connected device are all managed. There is no software to install, just one simple app on the parents’ phone.”

iKydz Home is a small device that plugs into your modem and creates a safe internet space in your home.

There are a number of reasons why an iKydz Home device is an essential tool for parents in a modern, digital age:

Monitor their children’s online time: Internet addiction is a growing problem amongst children and teenagers. Have you heard of Fortnite the latest online craze in online gaming?

Social media, streaming services and gaming contribute to a growing amount of time being spent online instead of being outside getting fresh air and exercise.

iKydz allows parents to set schedules on their kid's devices to avoid too much screen time.

Block access to inappropriate apps/websites/games: The biggest fear for many parents is that their younger kids might stumble across websites with inappropriate content by accident. Or, indeed, that older children may spend too much time on sites that their parents would not approve of.

iKydz lets parents set different rules for different devices in the house so that children of different ages are only exposed to age-appropriate content and for a duration that their parents deem appropriate.

Education for parents: Knowing what the online dangers are is extremely important for parents. They need to keep up to date if they want to educate their children about appropriate behaviour in the online world.

The iKydz Parents’ Hub and Blog sends out regular updates on the latest apps and sites being used by children, information from online and behavioural experts and tips as to what parents should look out for.

Switch off the internet to an individual device: With the summer months setting in and all schools about to let out for the summer, parents face another dilemma - how do I keep my child from spending all summer indoors and online?

iKydz allows parents to switch off the internet to any individual device remotely. So, from any location, parents can open the iKydz app and instantaneously switch off access to YouTube, social media or any other gaming or internet connection.

Internet history monitoring: There are many ways for online activities to be hidden, with the most common being the ability to delete the browser history of any computer.

With iKydz Reports, even if the internet history has been deleted from the device, parents can still see what their child has been viewing online.

For the month of June, iKydz is running a special offer, in association with the Irish Examiner.

The usual package costs €99, but by using the discount code 'ExaminerSummer' users will be able to avail of the package for €89 until June 30.

In association with iKydz


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