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8 Ways to Have Fun Without Leaving Your Hotel

The modern traveller demands a whole lot more from their accommodation these days. Whether you’re travelling for business or pleasure, there are days where you just don’t want to leave your hotel. And this means hotels have to do a whole lot more to satisfy the guest who just wants to chillax.

Sometimes when you’re traveling with the kids, it can feel like way too much to get everyone organised and out the door, especially if you have to negotiate public transport or taxis to get to your destination. Quite often the kids don’t want to trek around a city looking at the sites!

With this in mind, we have compiled a list of eight activities you can engage in without leaving your hotel.

Luxury Spas

Photo Credit: Hayes & Jarvis

Who doesn’t love to be pampered? It is one of life’s little luxuries, getting that full body massage, facial or hot stone treatment. Especially, when you can simply stroll back to your room and get ready for an evening of wining and dining!

Most good hotels offer luxury spas for their guests. And you can generally choose a package of services – such as a facial, waxing, and a massage – or choose the spa services a la carte.

The second can be better if you have a limited amount of time and just want a quick refresh; if you have a whole day off, spending it in the spa can be one of the nicest ways to get away from it all.

Leisure Centres

Photo Credit: Maldron Hotel Tallaght

Leisure centres come in many forms at hotels these days, from the traditional pool and hot tub, to more experiential activities, some even incorporate game rooms, extensive gardens, and even movie theatres built into the hotel.

Escape rooms can be a fun team-building activity for corporate training, but they can also be a great way to make friends on holidays. More and more hotels are featuring this sort of opportunity.

Whatever you do, ensure that you bring your swimming gear and get to the leisure centre for a relaxing swim in the pool and dip in the hot tub and sauna, it’s always well worth it.

Romantic Dinner

If you’re travelling with your loved one, a romantic dinner is a must, booking in a nice table in a quiet corner of the restaurant, where you can get cosy and revel in each other’s company. Most hotel deals include an evening meal, where you don’t even need to leave the building.

Alternatively, get cosy in your room and get room service. A bottle of champagne, your favourite dishes, and a movie on demand can all add up to a lovely evening in.

Make sure to avoid foods that strongly affect your breath – it might impact on the final outcome!

Holiday Events

Photo Credit: Maldron Hotels

While most hotels specialise in Christmas hotel offers during the festive season, such as as ‘Santa Sunday’ at Maldron Hotel Newlands Cross, where you can have a carvey lunch and a visit from the big man himself! Other hotels also celebrate holidays throughout the year. including firework shows, musical events, and special meals to make sure their guests feel welcome when they visit.

If you’re not sure what’s happening when you arrive, make sure to ask the concierge; they’ll be able to keep you in the loop. The surprise element can often be the best part.


Photo Credit: Golf Resorts Direct

Golfing is a challenging game, that is both competitive and relaxing. Taking a break away from the regular hum drum of life and hitting a round of 18 with a few friends is always fun, even if you are hitting the rough.

Many hotels have golf courses on the grounds. Even if you’ve never played before, your hotel may offer a quick group class, or a day spent with a pro who can teach you the ropes. You’ll be putting under par before you know it.

Kids' Clubs

Travelling with the kids? Well, if you want to have that romantic dinner or the spa day, but have the family, ask about the kid’s club. Many hotels offer special programs for their youngest VIPs, knowing that busy parents often need a break to recharge. Events range from babysitting services to supervised playgrounds, specific events and organised activities such as movie clubs, art classes and discos all targeted to specific age ranges.

Check in with the hotel staff to find out more about what might be offered for kids at your hotel.


With the ever-increasing enthusiasm and benefits to stay fit, a good workout can clear your head and make you ready for the next day of your trip. Gyms can be especially useful for business travelers who don’t want to break up their regular running or workout routine.

Many hotels offer personal training sessions, yoga classes, spin classes, and much more. Get your heart rate up so you can relax later. Pair a gym day with a spa day to really work and then recharge your body.

Hotel Events

Most hotel events are focussed around holidays, some hotels also host parties and sporadically throughout the year. These events are often themed by location and culture, but hotels generally publicise them well. These can be a great way to spend your weekends or evenings and are a nice way to meet and mingle with other guests.

On a final note: hotels want you to enjoy your stay. Whether you’re travelling for business or pleasure, alone or with a partner or family, your hotel wants you to remember your stay.

If your idea of a perfect break is to relax in your hotel, hopefully we have covered off all the different things you can do to relax and unwind without having to leave your hotel. They will certainly have an excellent recommendation for you!

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