Sponsored Story - Horgan's Ham: For Christmas Day and After

Bringing ham to your home this Christmas.

Sponsored Story - Horgan's Ham: For Christmas Day and After

Cost effective and nutritious, Horgan's Delicatessen Supplies have a variety of succulent meat options cooked and ready to serve. They include Horgan’s Honey Baked Ham (on or off the bone), Horgan's Lightly Smoked Ham on the bone, Horgan's Unsmoked Ham on the bone and Horgan’s Irish Angus Spiced Beef, available to purchase for the festive season.

Sponsored Story - Horgan's Ham: For Christmas Day and AfterHoney Baked Ham

Orders can be placed with their customer service (025-41200) or online www.horgans.com before 15th December for delivery on or before the 20th December.

Horgan’s Delicatessen Supplies are a multiple award-winning and leading supplier of speciality and chilled foods, the recipe for these hams comes from Michael Horgan who is the third generation of a butchering family which was founded by his grandfather in Mitchelstown, since then the Horgan family name has been synonymous with premium quality meats. All Horgan's hams are specially selected and locally sourced from quality Irish farms.

6 EASY recipes

Well Horgans Delicatessen Supplies (horgans.com) have put together 6 easy recipes to transform your Christmas leftovers into nutritious and tasty meals that will see you ‘smacking your lips’ into the New Year. 

1. Hawaiian Pizza - Get a pizza base, put some sauce on it (made by mixing together the tomato paste, water, and olive oil before adding garlic, salt, pepper, oregano, basil, and rosemary. 

Mix well and let stand several hours to let flavours blend). Add pineapple chunks and Horgan’s Ham in chunks or strips. Top it with mozzarella cheese, and cook it until cheese has browned. 

2. Ham and Egg sandwich - Scramble up some eggs (or fry if preferable), take your leftover Horgan’s Ham (heated) with as much salad as you desire, put them in roll or between two cuts of fresh crusty bread with relish. 

3. Charcuterie platter - A charcuterie plate is a great trick to have up your sleeve. Whether serving guests at a party or just having a light supper, creating a good meat plate is a quick and easy way to showcase different flavours of meat. 

A good charcuterie plate is flexible; it can have a mix of cooked meats and air-dried meats, cheeses, hummus and veggies for the vegetarians.

4. Horgan’s Ham stir fry - Stir fry some Horgan’s Ham with pineapple pieces, onions and peppers. Heat up some pasta in another pot and combine them. Makes a quick tasty dinner. 

5. Ham Pita Pockets - Coat the inside of the pita pocket with nice spicy mustard before adding Horgan’s Ham slices, tomato, beetroot, baby spinach and cheese. Made in seconds. 

6. The good aul standby .... Omelettes! Of course how you want to do them and what ingredients you want to add are a personal preference. Add Horgan’s Ham to add some festive flavours to your fluffy omelettes and fritatta's. 

Order your Horgan’s Lightly Smoked Ham, Honey Baked Ham (on or off the bone) or Spiced Beef online now www.horgans.com Or call 025 41200. Closing date for orders is 15th December

Sponsored Story - Horgan's Ham: For Christmas Day and After

Their extensive product portfolio ranges from farmhouse and continental cheeses, pates and speciality cooked and fermented meats.

And for when Christmas is over here are some delicious recipes for your leftovers

Sponsored Story - Horgan's Ham: For Christmas Day and After

For more delicious recipes, visit www.atasteofballyhouracountry.com

Trekker’s Trail Horgan’s Lightly Smoked Ham Tart


• 1 tbsp butter

• 1 shallot finely chopped

• 1 bunch trimmed Asparagus (approx 450g)

• 1 sheet short crust pastry dough

• 230g Cheddar Cheese, grated

• 2 tbsp sliced sundried tomatoes packed in oil

• 150g diced Horgan’s Lightly Smoked Ham

• 6 whole large eggs

• 2 egg yolks

• Salt & pepper

• 1 egg yolk mixed with 1/2 tsp water


Preheat oven to 230C. In a medium frying pan over medium high heat, sauté butter with finely chopped shallot for about 1 minute. Add asparagus and cook until crisp tender (about 5 mins). Set mixture aside while preparing short crust pastry.

Open crust pastry and roll out on a lightly floured piece of greaseproof paper. Transfer short crust pastry to a 9 inch round spring-form or loose bottomed tin ensuring your pastry lines the edges of the tin.

Whisk 6 whole eggs and 2 egg yolks together until thick and add cheddar cheese to form a creamy mixture. Pour mixture into the pastry lined tin, leaving a 1 inch border crust.

Sprinkle the prepared shallots and asparagus, sliced sundried tomatoes, Horgan’s Lightly Smoked Ham, salt and pepper on top of the egg & cheese mix. Brush the edge of the tart with 1 egg yolk mixed with 1/2 tsp water.

Bake until golden brown and pastry is cooked, about 20 to 25 mins.

Serve with a mixed leaf salad and dressing of your choice.

Sponsored Story - Horgan's Ham: For Christmas Day and After


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