A&E not the only option when your little ones get a minor injury

As the evenings get longer and temperatures start to rise ever so slightly, parents around the country are getting into the summer routine of acting as a sporting taxi service; dropping budding Henry Shefflins and Stephanie Roches at venues around the country. Dinner at 9pm becomes the norm as mums and dads coordinate schedules like a military operation.

But the trip all parents dread is the one from the pitch to the nearest A&E department, whether it is in an ambulance or with someone comforting a crying child in the back of the car.

Every year boys and girls manage to injure themselves in a staggering variety of ways. From the ankle turned on a mucky pitch to a nasty cut after a fall from a bicycle; it’s a wonder parents don’t keep their eyes tightly closed while their kids play.

A long wait to be seen at the hospital is the last thing parents need but what many don’t realise is that the A&E is not the only option for a whole range of injuries. When an accident or injury happens, parents should first consider whether they can instead head to their nearest Vhi SwiftCare Clinic. Based in Dundrum, Cork and Swords, these clinics can treat many of the most common mishaps parents will encounter.

A&E not the only option when your little ones get a minor injury

 So if your daughter twists a wrist on the soccer field and you’re not sure if it is a sprain or a break, you can safely bring her to a Vhi SwiftCare Clinic where they aim to treat you within one hour. If it is a fracture, they have on-site x-rays and will be able to sort her out with a plaster cast.

And if your young lad gets too close to the barbecue on sports day, a Vhi SwiftCare Clinic will also quickly take care of minor burns and scalds. Sports injuries and lacerations or cuts that need stitching can all be treated with a minimum of fuss and waiting time. Vhi SwiftCare Clinics will even give you a restorative tea or coffee while you wait with your young patient. They are open from 8am until 10pm, 365 days a year.

A&E not the only option when your little ones get a minor injury

The clinics are not just for injuries. Vhi SwiftCare Clinics can handle minor illnesses including fever, insect bites, and minor viral infections. The staff are also equipped to assess joint or muscular pain and treat minor eye and ear injuries.

Of course there will be instances when you should head straight to your nearest emergency room. Severe burns, serious head, back and neck injuries and breathing difficulties will all need major hospital care as will fractures of the hip, pelvic or thigh bones.

A&E not the only option when your little ones get a minor injury

The clinics are not suitable for cardiac issues or chest pain, pregnancy-related conditions and infants less than a year old. Information on what they do and don’t treat is available on their website.

But for the minor trials and tribulations of life, spare yourself the additional stress of a long night in A&E and head to a Vhi SwiftCare Clinic for quick and compassionate care. They have the personnel and equipment ready to help, so why wait?

You can take a look around the Vhi SwiftCare clinic in Dundrum yourself, here.


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