20 steps to a healthier you with GloHealth - Step 11: Lose The Salt-Shaker

Try seasoning your food with garlic and herbs instead of salt, says Consultant Dietitian Paula Mee.

“Garlic is renowned for its anti-microbrial properties,” says Mee.

Crushing a clove of garlic, she explains, releases a substance called allicin which can help reduce harmful cholesterol and helps prevent blood clots.

After crushing it, it’s best to leave it for 15 minutes or so before including it in the cooking process to maximise the health benefits. Also use herbs such as mint and basil as much as possible in cooking, she suggests.

“These are a healthy form of seasoning, because for many people, too much salt can be a cause of high blood pressure.”

Paula suggests using a combination of crushed garlic and your favourite herbs from the garden or supermarket to sprinkle over fresh tomatoes, steamed vegetables and in mashed potato.

You can add this garlic and herb mix to stuffing for chicken or sprinkle into bean soups or onto lentil salads. As an occasional treat you can also add garlic and herbs to a little butter for a quick herb bread.

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