Trading up: Kilnagleary, Carrigaline €395,000

Time has caught up with this brick bungalow at Kilnagleary, above Carrigaline and the Owenabue estuary in Cork. 

Size: 170 sq m (1,830 sq ft) 

Bathrooms: 2 

Bedrooms: 3 


But, in this case, time can be turned backwards, almost, with some further investment post-purchase, as just what made this home and its site special decades ago is just as relevant now. More, so, in some respects.

Trading up: Kilnagleary, Carrigaline €395,000

Already a decent size, at 1,830 sq ft, this is a splay/angled three-bedroomed home with some unusual window design features and has a warm look inside thanks to the use of even more brick. 

But, it hits a poor F BER, and some of its windows are single glazed in old teak frames, so at its very least it will need energy efficiency upgrades for any new occupants, (although the walls have been pumped with insulation since that low ‘F’ energy rating).

Key to its attraction is its superb one acre sloping site, with views to the estuary and beyond thanks to its elevated perch, up a rural road, yet within a walk of Carrigaline.

Trading up: Kilnagleary, Carrigaline €395,000

Carrigaline estate agent Michael Pigott seeks offers of €395,000 for this new-to market home, with good living rooms, one en suite bedroom, and he says he’s busy with viewings, and visitors are impressed by the view, and the scope for further upgrades to the house.

An adjacent home in this French Furze hinterland, more modern and on a site with a similar view, sold last year for €470,00, and the area has some super-sized homes too.

VERDICT: Trading up, quite literally.


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