Trading up: GUILEEN, Co CORK, €400,000

A CONVERTED two-bed upside-down seaside cottage, with a separate studio and terraced garden across an access lane to beach, might put Brohogue House on a relocater’s map.

The chirpy, renovated cottage is at Guileen, near Whitegate within a 40 minute commute of Cork city — and the place is quiet and ‘yours’ for 95% of the time.

Its key attribute is its setting, in glen-like Guileen, almost close enough to the beach to skim stones from. But, be careful, fall short with your stones, and you might hit the glass windows and Velux of the garden/guest studio that comes with the extra site portion across the lane.

The house, with its stepped accommodation, with the best views from its living space upstairs, is called after the Brohogue rock in the bay, and is one of the closer homes to the waterfront in a pretty cove enclave — its next door neighbour is thatched, for example.

This split-level house, carrying a €400,000 price guide via agents Woodwards, has been renovated, with its 23’ by 16’ living/kitchen overhead with triangular dormer windows, and is next to the beech-fitted kitchen.

There’s also a utility room, and a cosy reading room.

Sq m: 180 (2,000 sq ft)

Bedrooms: 2

BER rating: Pending

Broadband: Yes

VERDICT: Cute, comfortable and charming.


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