Tight squeeze for summer property in Graball Bay

YOU don’t get much these days for €150,000, especially in a coastal setting.

You get a lot, in a way, at Donohill set by Cork harbour’s Graball Bay near Crosshaven. Only it isn’t much of a house to begin with. A typical wooden ‘Ford Box’ shack of its day, it is a mere 530 sq ft or so, squeezing in (and that’s the operative word) three bedrooms, plus open plan living/dining kitchen.

If you want the loo it is outdoors, stand-alone.

It has been used for summer breaks by its vendors, and is a real fine weather spot: no heating to speak of, and a corrugated metal roof above, so you really stay in touch with the seasons’ vagaries when in residence.

Estate agent Johnny O’Flynn of Sherry FitzGerald says there’s been an immediate surge of interest. After all, generations have holidayed at Graball Bay and around Crosshaven, and there’s little affordable ever comes up for sale.

There’s a €150k price tag, and if anyone want to knock and re-build, there isn’t much scope to construct anything larger as the site size is tight at 70’ by 43’, and there’s a septic tank for waste disposal. There aren’t sea views, but the sea is very close by. Donohill is a small toe-hold in the Crosshaven market.


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