Kinsale showhouse comes fully kitted with furniture

ANYONE for the last showhouse now? The final piece of a 99-house jigsaw at The Orchards, Kinsale, Co Cork, has just launched this week at a knockdown €315,000.

And that includes every stick of furniture, every appliance and every ornament in the McInerney estate’s showhouse.

With 98 down and only one to go, agent Barry Nagle of Global Properties says he’ll miss the summer drives to Kinsale over the last four years or so, but then, he has the satisfaction of a job well done.

The Orchards is just a short walk from the centre of one of Co Cork’s top tourist towns, and is past the new Kinsale secondary school and adjacent to Haven retirement and medical centre, so it offers a sort of cradle to grave location.

But number 84 is slinky and modern and is just right for a young couples who want to live in a lovely modern house in a beautiful area close to the nation’s premier gourmet town.

At the peak, similar houses with sea views were making €540,000 and those without, €480,000 – that’s now dropped to €315,000 as the final coup de grace in the sales drive.

At 1,300 square feet, the showhouse has four bedrooms, is bright and clean and comes with a sitting room of 17’ by 16’ and a kitchen diner of 24’ by 10’, not bad by today’s standards.

And according to Mr Nagle, it has luxury tiling to all three bathrooms, a fully-fitted kitchen, a ready-made patio and even the beds are dressed.

Best of all, there’s no stamp duty for potential owner occupiers.


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