Buckley enjoys impressive win at Shannonvale

While Thomas Mackle was lighting up the northern roads with his sensational bowling, the main attraction down south was the Carbery-South West festival at Shannonvale.

Buckley enjoys impressive win at Shannonvale

On Monday Paul Buckley had an impressive two bowls of odds win over Donncha O’Brien. O’Brien made a mistake with his sixth, which left him a bowls adrift after seven and eight to Desmond’s. Buckley held that lead in the shots from the cross and increased his lead in two more past Kingston’s. He was down to Campbell’s in another three to stretch his lead to two bowls.

In Friday’s main score David Hubbard beat Mick Hurley by over two bowls. Hurley was over a bowl behind after taking three to reach McSweeney’s. He knocked the bowl with two great shots past the quarry. Hubbard had an even bowl at Desmond’s. He was past Kingston’s in three more where he had well over a bowl. He reached Campbell’s lane in three more, while Hurley’s form dipped again.

On Saturday Johnny O’Driscoll beat John Young by a bowl. He opened with four brilliant bowls to the quarry where he was a bowl clear. He reached Desmond’s in four more. Young played a sensational bowl form Buttimer’s piers to keep the lead at an even bowl there. O’Driscoll held the bowl of odds by reaching Tobin’s in four more and was at Campbell’s in another shot.

Also on Saturday Brian Wilmot beat Éamon Bowen by two bowls. Bowen led by 25m after four each to the quarry. They made Desmond’s in three more, where Wilmot gained a 40m advantage with a great loft.

He then reached Kingston’s lane, beating a big bowl from Bowen. He went past Tobin’s in two more to raised a bowl. He raised a second bowl with another big throw to Campbell’s.

On Sunday Jim Coffey beat John Cahalane comfortably in the last shot. Cahalane was a bowl clear at Desmond’s cross, though he might have been further ahead. He increased his odds in the next shot. Coffey battled on and got an unexpected lead at Hayes’ bend. He took full advantage by beating the line with his next. Jimmy O’Driscoll also beat Jerry Gibbons in the last shot.

Timmy McDonagh beat Shane Lotty by almost a bowl in the North East Junior A championship at Doneraile. He looked to have the score over when leading by well over a bowl at Creagh Castle. He played his shot up the hill to the left and Lotty brought the lead back to an even bowl. They battled over that lead to the line, but McDonagh’s win was never in doubt.

Cian Shorten beat Denis Wilmot by a bowl in the Mid-Cork Junior A championship at Jagoes Mills. He opened with a good bowl to sight, while Wilmot made poor sight. He was still in front after the second shot to Lordan’s. Wilmot gained his first lead with his third to O’Brien’s corner. He increased his lead to 40m with his next to the dump.

Both players’ form dipped from there, with Shorten presenting a series of openings for Wilmot, but he didn’t push clear. Shorten then played a brilliant bowl to the railway and regained the lead by 60m. He was just 30m fore at Ballinvard cross, but he got a decent shot from there to push his lead to almost a bowl. He raised a full bowl with his next to Griffin’s and Wilmot conceded.

Shorten’s father, John, beat David Hubbard by almost a bowl in the Hancy Hubbard Cup at Béal na Marbh. Hubbard made all the early running after Shorten got a very short opening shot. He raised a bowl with his third throw. When Shorten then missed light, Hubbard had a chance to go two clear, but he played his bowl too far right. Hubbard made another mistake with his shot towards the rock, which left him just 30m fore.

He held that lead into the straight. He looked set to regain his bowl of odds till Shorten got a huge bowl to the end of the straight to snatch the lead.

They were locked together to the end of the corners. Hubbard got caught right with his shot from there and Shorten pushed clear.

On Friday at Tassagh Pat Carr and Patrick Mackle beat Pa Flood and Graham O’Sullivan after Mackle got a lucky rub with his last shot.

Cork players had two bowls of odds wins in each of the next two. Flor Crowley and Frank Kiely turned around a big deficit to beat Martin McGaughey and Colly Doran. John and Ger Connolly were brilliant against Padraig Nugent and Fergal McCreesh. On Saturday Mick O’Neill got an incredible second bowl to help him beat John O’Rourke by a bowl.

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