Road Bowling - Hurley finishes with a flourish to thwart O’Rourke

Mick Hurley’s star continues to rise with another fine performance which got him past John O’Rourke in the Ballinacurra tournament.

Road Bowling - Hurley finishes with a flourish to thwart O’Rourke

O’Rourke played his first bowl to the right. Hurley hit back with a great shot to the middle of the factory.

O’Rourke missed that to concede a bowl of odds. They both made Brinny cross with big shots from there. Hurley increased his lead when his third bowl brushed the dyke and ran towards the church.

O’Rourke made Foley’s with his next, but Hurley went to the gas line. He beat O’Rourke’s next shot by 100m with his good bowl past the nooks. O’Rourke played a big bowl to Perrott’s avenue, but Hurley beat that too. Hurley kept his bowl of odds in the next exchange. He then played a massive shot the bridge to push his lead close to two bowls. He raised the second bowl with his ninth to the silver gate.

O’Rourke clawed back what looked impossible odds with an impressive second half. He knocked the second bowl with his shot to sight at the Junior C line. He had the lead back to a level bowl after another to Cronin’s. He ramped up the pressure several notches with another brilliant bowl to light at the last bend. Hurley beat that by just 20m in two.

O’Rourke needed another big one to win his first lead, but he played his bowl to the right.

Hurley punished him with a perfect bowl to just short of the line, guaranteeing him victory by close to a bowl.

Diarmuid Hurley won the John O’Driscoll Cup final at Durrus. He beat Finbarr Coughlan in the last shot, with Pat Daly conceding before the end.

Daly made bare sight with his first. Coughlan went to the bridge with a great opener and Hurley just missed it.

Daly played a great second over the bridge to the novice line to bring him level. They made the top of the hill in two each and all three were still in contention at the wire.

Both Coughlan and Hurley got big shots from the wire, which put Daly under pressure and he never featured again. At Annie Flor’s, Daly was a bowl down. Coughlan and Hurley went neck-and-neck to the The Grids, with Daly losing further ground.

They were still level at Blair’s cove. They kept the momentum up the hill.

Coughlan’s bowl over the hill fell left leaving Hurley with 10 metres odds facing the line. Coughlan closed with a big shot that went well past the line. Hurley replied with an even better one that beat the tip by 20m.

Johnny O’Driscoll finished strongly to beat Thomas Boyle by close to a bowl in the Josie Crean Cup at Whitechurch. He just edged the opening shot, but Boyle was ahead after three good shots to the top of the hill. Boyle increased his lead with his next to the end of the wall. O’Driscoll closed the gap with a good bowl onto the flat and there was just 20m between them at Boula lane.

O’Driscoll won the next exchange. Boyle then got a great bowl towards Downey’s line to regain a big lead. He quickly built on this and was a full bowl clear at the top of the straight.

There was still a bowl in it after their next throws past the farm. O’Driscoll then played a sensational bowl that went all the way around the Devil’s bend, which Boyle beat well in two.

O’Driscoll kept up the pressure with a good shot to the white wall. Boyle looked well placed to seal it, but his bowl hit a manhole and slashed off the road.

He missed the line with his next and O’Driscoll beat it well.

Darren Oliver beat Eoin O’Riordan by almost two bowls at Béal na Marbh.

O’Riordan dominated the first half with five record bowls to the rock, but Oliver finished strongly to turn the score around.

O’Riordan made clear light in two to raise almost a bowl. Oliver played a super third, but O’Riordan beat it well with a great bowl to the white wall.

O’Riordan played a brilliant bowl to the top of the hill, facing the rock to raise almost two bowls. The lead was under a bowl after O’Riordan took two more to make the rock.

A big shot to Hubbard’s and another to sight had Oliver just 10 metres behind. He got an unexpected lead with his next. He reached the end of the straight in two more to raise a bowl and he was close to two in front at the line.

Timmy Murphy reached the Béal na mBláth final at the expense of Muiris Buttimer. They were level after four each to the water. Murphy gained a bowl from there to Long’s lane. He raised a second bowl towards Twohig’s. In the final he will play Liam Walsh or Jimmy Collins.

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