Sexton brothers advance to Munster semi-finals

Brothers Edmond and Séamus Sexton advanced to the Munster senior championship semi-finals in a weekend that saw all four Munster quarter-finals decided.

Sexton brothers advance to Munster semi-finals

They are joined by Killian Kingston, who plays Séamus at Grange, and James O’Donovan who meets Edmond at Clondrohid, both next weekend.

Edmond Sexton, the only previous Munster senior champion still in the race, beat James Buckley in the last shot at Newcestown.

Sexton won the opening shots by 50m. Buckley cut that to 20m when his second got a nice rub and he won the lead with his third. After two more he lofted at Mac’s Lane to take his lead to 50m. Sexton got a poor seventh which left him almost a bowl down.

Buckley raised the bowl with another good shot to Allen’s Lane. Buckley held that lead in the next three shots onto the straight. Sexton then got a big shot to Desmond’s Lane which Buckley missed by 10m. Buckley restored the bowl with his next.

Sexton had it well under a bowl after his shot up the hill. He went well past Collins’ Lane with his next and the lead was now just 10m. They were virtually level at the following tip and Sexton had two metres odds at O’Brien’s cross.

From there Buckley got a great bowl to sight. Sexton was too tight right and missed that by 50m.

They made the last bend in two more though Buckley might have made it in one. Sexton closed with a huge bowl into the village. Buckley beat the line too, but was well shy of Sexton’s tip.

James O’Donovan beat Arthur McDonagh at Gortroe. He won the first two shots, with McDonagh taking the third towards the bridge.

O’Donovan regained the lead with a great fourth and extended his odds to 100m with a good fifth to O’Connell’s Piers. His next was unlucky to break off the road and they were level again.

O’Donovan was 25m ahead after nine to the Well Bar.

He then exploited a poor shot from McDonagh to push his lead to 120m. McDonagh followed with a great bowl, but O’Donovan beat it by 100m.

O’Donovan got a third great bowl in succession past the novice line, which McDonagh missed to concede a bowl. O’Donovan held that to the line.

Killian Kingston beat Michael Bohane by a bowl at Castletownkenneigh. Both got unlucky opening shots after which Kingston made the bridge in three and raise a bowl.

Bohane got a great bowl from there, which Kingston just beat. Bohane’s next went left to leave almost two bowls between them.

Kingston kept the lead close to two bowls in the next two. Bohane then got two brilliant shots to Pyne’s corner, which Kingston beat in three to leave just over a bowl between them.

Bohane lost most of his gains in the next two. He rallied with a great bowl to sight past Nyhan’s which cut the lead to an even bowl.

There was still just a bowl in it at Fehilly’s pillars.

Kingston lifted the siege with a great bowl through Forshin’s cross and went on to win by a bowl.

Séamus Sexton finished with five super bowls to carve what looked an unlikely last shot win over Gary Daly at Whitechurch.

Sexton won the opening shot well. Daly levelled with a brilliant second and made sight at the top of the hill in two more to take a clear lead.

He consolidated this with his next past the wall and was still well clear at Boula Lane. Sexton levelled with two more to Downey’s Lane.

Daly got a great 11th shot to the top of the straight to go almost a bowl clear.

He held that with his next to the farm. Sexton then got a massive bowl to sight at the Devil’s bend, which Daly missed by five metres.

Daly regained the lead with his next to the wall and then reached sight on the last straight to take a 50m lead.

Sexton hit back with a brilliant bowl to the footpath. Daly’s bowl was too tight left and hit a signpost 40m short of Sexton’s tip. He missed the line with his next and Sexton beat it with a great bowl.

James Cooney set a new record at Conna where he beat Terry Sexton by over two bowls in the East Cork-Waterford Junior A final.

Dan O’Halloran and John Shorten meet in the Mid-Cork final.

O’Halloran just edged Denis Wilmot in a top class contest at Newcestown and Shorten beat Jimmy Cowhig by two bowls at Castletownkenneigh.

The North-Cork final is between John O’Rourke and Vincent Kiely. O’Rourke bowled impressively at Donoughmore to hold off a strong finish from David Hubbard.

Johnny O’Driscoll played five huge shots to Campbell’s corner on his way to victory over Ian Callanan and Jimmy O’Driscoll in the South West series at Shannonvale.

David Shannon advanced over Andrew O’Callaghan in the Munster Junior B at Castletownkenneigh.

Pat Callanan beat former senior champion Bill Daly in the last shot in the Munster Veteran (Junior) championship at Templemartin.

Jimmy Collins beat Eugene O’Sullivan in the same grade at Castletownkenneigh.

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