Tony O’Sullivan leads from the front to clinch Carbery crown

Tony O’Sullivan led all the way against Declan O’Donovan in the Carbery Junior A final at the Marsh Road.

He won the first tip with a good bowl to Glencurragh cross. He looked set take a significant lead with his third, but his bowl hopped the footpath and hit a bollard just 50m fore. He made up for this with a super fourth to O’Mahony’s boreen to take his lead to almost a bowl. He missed sight on the quarry hill in two more, but still had 100m odds.

O’Donovan had a chance to close the gap there, but he was too tight on the left and made poor sight. O’Sullivan made clear sight and followed with three good shots to the steps go a bowl clear. They were just short of sight at Ballyhilty in three more and they made the cross in another.

O’Sullivan got a brilliant shot from there to the wood. O’Donovan missed that by 50m to leave well over a bowl between them. O’Donovan’s next just made the middle of the wood. O’Sullivan brought the curtain down with a big shot to Crowley’s boreen to push his lead close to two bowls.

The North East Junior A final at Bottlehill was suspended when John O’Donoghue pulled up injured after just two throws. In the first, O’Donoghue missed sight and McAuliffe went out. O’Donoghue’s second hopped the bank at the forestry and McAuliffe beat it by 60m. It is scheduled to resume on Friday night.

Mick Hurley beat Michael O’Leary by two bowls in the East Cork–Waterford quarter-final at Ballincurrig. He won the opening shot. O’Leary’s second onto the straight was a peach that gave him a good lead. He led in the next three past the creamery.

Hurley then got a brilliant shot to the no-play line. O’Leary’s reply kicked off well short of the line which left him almost a bowl behind. Hurley raised the bowl from the line and looked to be heading for two bowls after a brilliant ninth to the top of the long straight.

O’Leary kept the lead in check with a big shot to Leahy’s, but Hurley followed with two big bowls to open the big corner to go almost two clear. They both made sight at the top of the short straight and Hurley raised the second bowl with his 13th to the sycamores.

Terry Sexton led all the way against Dave Dennis in the semi-final at Cobh. Dennis was in contention till Sexton got a big sixth to the boreen. He increased his lead to a bowl at Sam’s corner and held it to McCarthy’s cross. He then got a brilliant bowl to go almost two clear. He increased his lead up the hill.

Thomas Mackle had a line-to-line win over James Oliver in the Ulster senior championship at Port Mór. He beat Oliver’s poor opening shot by 100m. Oliver got a better second, but he fell almost a bowl down to the orchard corner. Mackle raised a second bowl to McCusker’s and went three clear at McGreill’s path.

He got two poor shots into Bagnall’s bridge where the lead was back to two bowls and eventually won by three.

In the Fenor Open Day in Waterford, Mayo representative Willie O’Donovan gave Mackle a tougher test. That scored wasn’t decided till the final throw after O’Donovan started with a record shot.

In the Ulster Junior A at Eglish, Mick O’Neill beat Mark Toal by almost a bowl after six brilliant closing shots. Malachy Lappin bowled well to beat Pete Carr Jnr by close to two bowls.

Wins for brothers Seán and Darragh Kiely at Bweeng completed a family hat-trick of North Cork titles, their father Vincent won the Junior A recently.

Sean Kiely beat Shane Kelleher in the U18 final. He broke the deadlock with a big third shot and was almost a bowl clear at the tinny house. He had a second bowl after four more to the big lawn.

Darragh Kiely beat Kieran Leahy in the U14 final. Leahy led after two, but a big third from Kiely put him back in front. He killed off Leahy with a big shot to raise a bowl and closed it out with four good shots to the line.

Cian Boyle beat Dave Mackey in the Cork City Junior B final at Pouladuff. Boyle took a commanding lead after six. Mackey levelled with a brilliant tenth to Corcoran’s bridge. They were locked together to the line. Both were called in the last shot. Boyle beat the line with both his throws. Mackey’s first would have been a winner, but his second was well short.

Shane Lotty beat Willie O’Donoghue after a call too in the North-East Junior B at Doneraile. It looked all over until O’Donoghue beat the line with a huge shot. Lotty got a poor reply, but it was called. His second attempt was much slicker and beat O’Donoghue’s tip.

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