Nicholas Carey turns on the style to outclass Willie O’Donovan

Nicholas Carey gave a record breaking performance at Clashmore where he beat Willie O’Donovan by almost three bowls of odds in the Munster Intermediate championship.

Nicholas Carey turns on the style to outclass Willie O’Donovan

He opened with a great bowl to the return finish line, but O’Donovan beat it by 20m. Carey’s second was perfect too and made the nook. O’Donovan was too far right with his and got a very short bowl. O’Donovan made Butna Foley’s with his next, but Carey beat it with a super shot past the cross.

O’Donovan just made the end of the tarmac with his next and Carey got another brilliant bowl to sight at the bottom of the straight. O’Donovan missed that by 20m. Carey won the shots to Leenane’s boreen by 20m to hold his bowl of odds. He followed with another massive bowl towards the top of the Lios to push his lead close to two bowls.

He made the bottom of the Lios with his next and although O’Donovan kept challenging the score was quickly going out of his reach. Carey produced one shot better than the next past Coolbagh cross, on past the novice line and out to the closing straight — edging ever closer to a third bowl of odds. He was just short of the line in 14 bowls.

Michael Bohane produced some top class bowls too in his two bowls of odds win over John Shorten at Ardcahan.

Shorten was in trouble from his poor opening shot, which Bohane beat by 150m. Shorten’s second was better, but Bohane still beat that by 100 with his reply to Lordan’s cross. Bohane’s third went to the top of the hill pushing his lead to within five metres of a bowl of odds. He raised the bowl with his next past O’Farrell’s.

He held that lead in the next three past Crowley’s shop. Shorten then knocked the bowl with a massive throw to Ardcahan cross. He held the lead under a bowl in the next two, but Bohane raised it again with his next. He followed with a brilliant bowl to O’Mahony’s to push his lead towards a second bowl.

He edged closer to the second bowl with a good shot to Murray’s cross. He then got a huge bowl towards the bridge to take his lead over two bowls and Shorten conceded.

Raymond Ryan always looked too powerful for Andrew O’Leary in their intermediate tie at Terelton. He dominated from the off and raised a bowl just after Lucey’s lane. He comfortably held that lead and extended it to a second bowl at O’Sullivan’s entering the final quarter. He played with that lead until the end, with O’Leary getting the consolation of a huge bowl to the last bend to save the second bowl.

Christy Mullins was at the top of his game too in his three bowls of odds win over Brian Wilmot in the Connie Killarney Cup semi-final at Kealkill.

Wilmot won the opening tip well, but Mullins got a great second towards Cullinane’s to take an 80m lead. He pushed his lead towards a bowl of odds in the next two to the post office. Wilmot was still well in contention after the next exchange.

Mullins then played four exceptional bowls to O’Mahony’s cross. The first to O’Sullivan’s put him well over a bowl in front. His next three increased his odds to three bowls. He plays Aidan Murphy and Martin Coppinger in the final.

Thomas Boyle and Peter Nagle took the first wins of the 2015 Cork City Junior A championship at Templemichael. Boyle led from the off against Anthony Gould on Saturday.

He won the first tip by 40m. He increased his lead to a bowl with his second after Gould got a very short bowl. He had well over a bowl after four to the white wall. He held that to Sarsfield’s Court cross. He got three great bowls from there to light facing the novice line where he had well over a bowl. He romped home in five more.

Peter Nagle led all the way too against Brian Daly. He was a bowl clear after five to the white wall and held it to Sarsfield’s Court cross. Daly cut the lead to just 60m with his next. Nagle restored the bowl with a big shot to light. Daly finished well though and he forced a last shot from Nagle.

Brian O’Halloran beat Johnny Murphy by a bowl in the Junior B championship at Templemartin. Murphy took control with a brilliant fourth to Slyne’s. He looked set to go further clear after another big shot to Hurley’s but O’Halloran beat the tip to stay in contention. He closed the gap to the schoolhouse cross and levelled to the stonefield bend. He led at Buttimer’s and a nice rub with his next gave him victory.

In the women’s Munster senior championship last year’s finalist Emma Fitzpatrick beat Claire O’Sullivan in the last shot at Caheragh. At Bauravilla Catriona Murphy beat Sharon Russell by a bowl.

James Buckley and Killian Kingston had a win each at Grenagh, where Paul Buckley proved too strong for John O’Donoghue.

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