Creedon edges terrific joust with Sexton

John Creedon won a terrific joust with Edmond Sexton in the Munster senior championship at Templemartin on Sunday.

Creedon got a good opener from the creamery cross. Sexton was too tight with his reply and though it rubbed the right it was 35m hind. He followed with a good bowl to Desmond’s, which Creedon just beat. Creedon increased his lead with his third. Sexton was 40m short of Slyne’s corner after a good fourth. Creedon also missed sight but beat that tip and the next.

Sexton then got a great seventh towards O’Riordan’s to lead by 40m. Creedon levelled to Collins’ and they both made the schoolhouse cross in ten, with Creedon just fore. Sexton got a great bowl towards the stonefield bend, but Creedon just edged it. They were locked together in the next four to the pub cross, where Sexton had an important five metre lead.

Creedon got an exceptional bowl from the cross, tight on the left past the pub. Sexton did very well to beat that by eight metres. Creedon’s next was a huge bowl up the centre, but again Sexton played a super reply to beat it. Creedon got a massive third shot in succession to miss the line by just six metres. Sexton missed that tip by 30m and Creedon easily won the last exchange.

Having lost to Gary Daly on Tuesday at Clondrohid Sexton’s chances of reaching the quarter-finals are remote. However if he beats David Murphy and Gary Daly beats Creedon, then he would be back in the frame.

At Clondrohid Gary Daly opened with a great bowl past the testing centre, which Sexton missed in two to concede a bowl of odds. They matched each other to the Bell Inn, where Sexton had the lead just under a bowl. Daly’s next bowl got an unlucky break on the uneven road surface and flew into the right to put Sexton back in the score.

Sexton snatched his chance and levelled with two good shots to Gough’s lane. Daly’s next bowl was called. His retake was an amazing bowl that came out of the dyke and ran to sight at Kelleher’s to put him almost a bowl clear again. Sexton cancelled most to that lead with his next bowl to sight at the following bend.

Good fortune rescued Daly again when his bowl around the bend came back off the dyke and ran to sight at the last bend. He raised a bowl when he closed with a brilliant bowl towards the village that Sexton missed well.

Seamus Sexton was brilliant in his last shot win over Dave Fitzgerald in the Munster Intermediate championship at Templemichael on Monday. He got the better of the opening shots by ten metres and edged the next three. Fitzgerald was too tight with his fourth towards Murphy’s wall. Sexton took advantage with a great bowl to the end of the wall, which gave him almost a bowl of odds.

He blasted past Sarsfield’s Court cross in seven to keep his lead close to a bowl. Fitzgerald got a massive bowl from the cross, which cut the lead to just 60m and gave him a chance of making sight with his next. He missed sight though and Sexton made it to raise a bowl of odds.

Fitzgerald played a great bowl towards the novice line to cut the lead to 60m. He followed with another good bowl but it didn’t open the last bend. Sexton’s reply drifted right, but brushed and made sight. Fitzgerald didn’t reach the line with his next and Sexton beat it well with a massive 14th shot.

Paddy O’Donoghue beat Liam O’Sullivan by almost a bowl at Béal na mBláth in Monday’s other Intermediate tie. O’Sullivan won the opening shot well, but the lead changed at each of the next three tips to sight before Shorten’s cross. O’Donoghue won the next two tips past Shorten’s cross by 50m. O’Sullivan then got a brilliant bowl to Long’s lane to regain the lead. O’Donoghue shaded the next onto the straight.

O’Sullivan fell almost a bowl behind when he hit a pillar at Twohig’s and followed with a short bowl. O’Donoghue was closer to a bowl after his next, but picked up an injury. Despite this he held his lead to the big turn and raised a bowl at the novice line. O’Sullivan knocked it with his next, but missed a chance to get closer after O’Donoghue got a poor shot to the end of the wind. After that O’Donoghue was in control.

Thomas O’Callaghan and Thomas Boyle had last shot wins in the Cork City Junior B semi-finals at Pouladuff. O’Callaghan beat Patsy Hogan and Boyle beat Dave Mackey. At Cobh Sean Twomey beat Pat O’Brien in the last shot of the Christy Coleman Cup semi-final.

There were five very busy days at Fisher’s Cross for the bi-annual Carbery-South West fundraiser, which started on Thursday and ran till Monday.

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