Shannon beats Lotty to Junior C title with 13-shot blitz at Jagoes Mills

David Shannon won the Munster Junior C final with an incredible 13 shot performance against Shane Lotty at Jagoes Mills on Monday.

They were level for the first four shots. Shannon played his fifth too far right, but it rubbed and was just hind of Lotty’s tip at O’Brien’s bend. Shannon then played three great bowls to Lawton’s to open up a good lead.

He followed with a brilliant bowl to the railway line and another to the power station, but still Lotty held off the bowl of odds. His next was equally good and raised the bowl. He beat the line in two more to extend his lead.

Tony Flynn beat Noel Dempsey in the last shot of the Munster Novice I final at Togher Cross. He was a bowl in front after three. Dempsey knocked the bowl with his fifth and had the odds back to 40m after the shots around the cross. He levelled after two more and took his first lead after rubbing the wall with his next.

Flynn regained the lead with his next and was 40m fore after his 12th to Cronin’s. He increased his lead to the school bend. After two more to the post box the lead was back to 15m. Dempsey got a great shot from there to go back in front, but Flynn shaded the next tips and held on in the last shot.

John O’Regan beat Martin O’Connor in the last shot of the Munster Novice II final at Drinagh. It was a heartbreaking defeat for O’Connor who led at every tip except the last.

He was 70m fore after three, but O’Regan levelled after two more to the church. There was just a metre between them at Kennedy’s wall. O’Connor pushed clear again with a great bowl to the ‘black sticks’. O’Regan cancelled it with a brilliant shot to the pond, which forced a last shot. O’Regan’s last bowl was veering left but rubbed off a wheel and just beat the line. O’Connor’s reply missed the line by a metre.

In Ulster Mark Toal beat Shane O’Neill by two bowls in the Junior C final. Conor O’Neill beat Philip McKeever in the last shot in the Novice I final and Paul McKeever beat John Grimley by a bowl in the Novice II final.

David Murphy beat Gary Daly and Brian Wilmot to reach the Mick Barry Cup semi-final. He now plays Edmund Sexton in one semi-final and his brother Aidan plays Thomas Mackle in the other, both winners secure a place in King of the Roads.

Wilmot won the opening shot, but didn’t feature for the rest of the score. Murphy edged Daly after four each to the creamery. They were still level after the next and Murphy gained a slight advantage through the lines. They were on the long straight in two more. Murphy increased his lead by making the top of the straight after Daly failed.

Daly got a great bowl past Leahy’s and when Murphy failed to open the big corner it looked level. Daly followed with a poor bowl though, which just beat Murphy’s tip. There was almost a bowl between them from there to the sycamores. Daly had a chance there when Murphy got a poor shot to the elbow, but he didn’t capitalise. Murphy was slightly lucky to make the finishing straight with his next, but it sealed the verdict.

Éamon Bowen and William O’Driscoll will play Killian Kingston in the Jim O’Driscoll Cup at King of the Roads following wins over Donal O’Riordan and Michael Bohane respectively.

O’Riordan started well against Bowen and looked more assured in the first six through the lines to Heaphy’s. He continued to set the pace and seemed to be edging towards a bowl of odds after a good shot to just short of the big corner. But Bowen got a brilliant bowl from Leahy’s to full light to level the score.

He than made the top of the short straight with his next and O’Riordan was unlucky not to follow. Another big shot around the sycamores put him almost a bowl in front. He didn’t make the last bend with his next and O’Riordan hit back with a super shot to light. Bowen’s next was just a mere shy of the line. O’Riordan beat the line, but not by enough to trouble Bowen.

William O’Driscoll opened with a very short bowl against Michael Bohane, but he recovered with a brilliant second towards Moore’s gate. Bohane missed a chance to push clear with his third and they were level at the creamery. O’Driscoll took his first lead with a good fifth towards the no-play line. Bohane then got a very short bowl that missed the line, which proved very costly.

O’Driscoll was a bowl in front after two more to O’Riordan’s. He raised a second bowl with a big shot up the long straight and when Bohane lofted a dead bowl at the big corner it was over.

In the Gretta Cormican Cup, Emma Fitzpatrick and Geraldine Daly took a step closer to the Queen of the Roads. Fitzpatrick beat Megan Collins at Kildee and Daly beat Nicola O’Sullivan at Leap.

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