O’Mahony comes out on top in gripping decider

David O’Mahony beat Denis Wilmot by a bowl of odds in a gripping Jerry Desmond Cup final at the Pike.

Wilmot opened with a brilliant bowl. O’Mahony played his opener to the right and missed it by 40m. His second was a brilliant effort to just short of Cooke’s wall. Wilmot’s second drifted right and just made the end of the footpath. They both got good third shots towards the big tree with O’Mahony still in front. They both just missed the no-play line in four each.

Off the line O’Mahony got a good bowl to go 20m fore at the lane. Wilmot levelled with a great bowl towards the bridge. They were locked together from there to Dreaper’s. Wilmot was unlucky with his next and O’Mahony beat it by 15m. Wilmot got a perfect shot from there to light, but O’Mahony matched it to hold the lead.

Wilmot kept up the pressure with a good bowl towards the novice line, but again O’Mahony just edged it. O’Mahony increased his lead to 30m with his bowl to the next bend. Wilmot’s next bowl just came to that tip. O’Mahony followed with another big shot to raise the bowl of odds. Wilmot looked to be in deeper trouble after playing his next into the left, but O’Mahony missed the tip to lose his bowl of odds. Any late drama was dispelled when O’Mahony delivered a massive last shot past the finish line.

All-Ireland Intermediate champion, Thomas Mackle, beat All-Ireland senior champion, Martin Coppinger, by a bowl in the final of the Connie Killarney Cup at Kealkil. More surprising than the result though was that Mackle played the entire score with a broken wrist, that injury will have him out of bowling for up to three months and costs him his place in the Jim O’Driscoll Cup final at King of the Roads.

Mackle opened with a good bowl, which Coppinger missed by a margin after hitting the wall on the left. He compensated with a good second and he reached the post office wall with his third. Mackle’s third got a lucky rub to beat the tip by 30m. Coppinger beat the creamery with his next. Mackle hit back with an even better one to the council houses to extend his lead to 70m.

Coppinger reached O’Sullivan’s with his next. Mackle’s bowl looked to be heading into O’Sullivan’s too but it rubbed to keep him well fore. He had 50m after the next exchange, but Coppinger closed the gap in the shots past Kingston’s. He missed light at the graveyard with his next, but Mackle missed that tip with his reply to concede the lead for the only time.

He won the next exchange by just five metres. That lead changed dramatically when Coppinger was too tight on the left with his next and just passed the graveyard. Mackle got a huge bowl in reply, which ran well towards the line. Coppinger missed that tip to concede a bowl of odds. He rallied with a big last shot which beat the line by 100m, but Mackle beat it to keep his bowl of odds.

John Murphy won the Munster Vintage (over-60) final at Kildee with a bowl of odds win over Liam O’Driscoll with Con O’Donovan in third.

O’Donovan got a poor start and fell a bowl behind after two shots past the cross. O’Driscoll was just leading Murphy after three each to Rodger’s. The leaders made McCarthy’s bend in two more with O’Driscoll just fore. O’Donovan was now almost two down.

Murphy went up the gears with a super shot to the double bends and followed with two more to the cross where he had close to a bowl on O’Driscoll. He pushed closer to a bowl when he made light at the big bend with his next after O’Driscoll had missed.

Murphy got a poor shot to the quarry, but O’Driscoll beat it by just ten metres. O’Driscoll followed with two good shots though to keep the lead under a bowl. Murphy beat the line with a good last shot. O’Driscoll missed that tip to concede the bowl of odds. Thomas Boyle won the Sean Scanlon cup semi-final, by a bowl, against Brendan O’Neill at Donoughmore. O’Neill got the better start and led by 20m after two. Boyle made a mistake with his third and O’Neill followed with two good bowls to the bounds to go almost a bowl in front. He was too far right with his next to Ring’s corner and Boyle was level again.

Boyle got two great shots to the halfway line, but O’Neill beat both. He increased his lead to 50m with another great shot to the wall. Boyle hit back with two brilliant bowls towards the end of the straight where he was 70m fore. O’Neill made light with his next. Boyle was too tight with his reply. It hit a gully and hopped onto the bank 20m short of O’Neill’s tip. O’Neill got the better of the next shots too. Boyle then got an extraordinary bowl. He lofted it perfectly into the bend and it went well out the following bend. O’Neill played his low and missed it by a distance. He missed with his next shot too to concede a bowl of odds.

He played another shot, but it was not nearly enough to trouble Boyle.

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