Five-star Riordan easily sees off Twohig

Donal Riordan gave a five-star performance on the new Castletownkeneigh road where he beat Gavin Twohig by close to a bowl of odds.

Twohig won all the early shots. He was just fore after three to the new bridge, but he won the next exchange by 100m. Riordan wiped most of that out with his next and he followed with another big bowl to the rectory gate, but Twohig still held the lead. Twohig won the next exchange too, but Riordan then got another big bowl to the round tower and took his first lead.

Riordan really opened up with another massive bowl up the rising road to the top of the straight to push his lead towards a bowl of odds. He lost ground in the next few and then his lofted bowl hit a branch and landed just fore bowl. He pushed clear again and lofted 60m odds at Forshin’s cross. After the next the lead was back to ten metres. Twohig missed the line with next shot. Riordan then hit back with another brilliant bowl which went well past the line.

Martin Coppinger finished stongly at Drimoleague where he beat john Creedon by almost a bowl in the semi-final of the Kelleher-Hurley Cup.

He opened with a big bowl to the top of the hill which Creedon missed by 80m when he played his bowl to the left. Creedon cut the odds to 20m with a good second bowl and he had it down to just five metres after his third to the end of Caheragh cross. He then got an exceptional bowl to just short of light at the bottom of the hill. Coppinger just made the middle of the hill with his bowl and beat Creedon’s tip by just ten metres with his next.

Creedon held most of a bowl with his next around the corner. He made Sam’s cross in two more, where Coppinger was still just holding off the bowl of odds. Creedon got another big bowl to the hollow and Coppinger missed that to concede the bowl of odds. Creedon held the bowl in the next exchange to the high wall. Coppinger then got a short bowl into the corner, but Creedon over compensated with his reply and missed the tip.

Creedon bounced back with a great bowl to the wide road, but Coppinger beat it by 60m to keep the lead well under a bowl. The same odds divided them after another top quality exchange. Creedon then got a big bowl to farmhouse, but Coppinger beat it by 70m. Creedon made the bottom of the hill with his next, but Coppinger beat that by 120m. Virtually the same odds divided them at the next tip.

Coppinger then got a massive bowl that missed the line by just 80m. Creedon played a poor shot on the right and missed it by 80m to forfeit the lead. He beat the tip by just 50m with his next to leave almost a bowl between them. He saved the bowl in the last shot.

Raymond Ryan beat David Hubbard in the last shot at the Marsh Road. Ryan won the first four tips, but Hubbard led after his fifth to the council yard. He was still just fore after two more to the silver gate. He increased his odds to 40m after two more to the steps. Ryan got a brilliant bowl from there to win the next tip by 25m. Hubbard cut the lead to just ten metres with a great bowl to light at Ballyhilty. He regained the lead after another big shot to light at the avenue, which Ryan missed by 40m.

Hubbard increased his lead to 50m in the next exchange. Ryan rescued his challenge with a brilliant bowl to just short of the line. Hubbard missed that by 60m with his reply. His last bowl was not great either and Ryan beat it comfortably.

Thomas Boyle beat Martin Daly by well over a bowl at Templemichael. Daly won the first shot, but Boyle was a bowl clear at O’Riordan’s corner. Daly regained the lead briefly on the short straight, but Boyle dominated to the line. Brian Daly brought Noel Bowen’s run to an end in the return score.

Thomas Mackle had an impressive double on Sunday when he beat Conor McGuigan in the last shot at Knappagh and beat Paul Rafferty by a bowl at Madden. Rafferty made a mistake at the school and Mackle took advantage to go a bowl clear at the wall. He held that lead to the line. Peadar Toal made it a very poor weekend for Conor McGuigan when he beat him in the last shot on the Port mor Road at Blackwatertown.

It was the perfect outing for Toal who is scheduled to play Gary Daly in a benefit score over the same road on St. Patrick’s Day. McGuigan teams up with Martin Toal against brothers David and Aidan Murphy in the second score on the card.

Killian Kingston beat Andrew O’Leary by almost a bowl at Ballincurrig. They were level at the big corner. Kingston got the better of the next exchange, but neither player made light. Kingston increased his odds with a good bowl to the muddy gap and then made the end of the sycamores. O’Leary looked to have set up a last shot with a good bowl to the elbow, but Kingston hit him with a sensational bowl to light to end the contest.

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