Wexford’s fashionable fundraiser

WHEN the All-Ireland camogie champions began looking for ways to raise funds recently, they weren’t long hitting on a new idea.

The notion of an official calendar mightn’t strike you as ground-breaking, though, until you see the Wexford players in the photographs, decked out in high-fashion mode, styled professionally from head to toe.

Wexford camogie star Deirdre Codd outlines the thinking behind the project.

“The idea came from Patrick Doyle, a friend of mine,” says Codd. “He works with Tom Doyle Supplies in Wexford, our main sponsor, and he suggested a calendar might be a good way to go for fundraising. I thought it was just a joke at first, but after talking about it, we felt it would be a good way to promote camogie in the county.”

They decided to go for the fashion option rather than the now-hackneyed semi-nude pictures beloved of sports teams like Stade Francais. And according to Codd, the response was enthusiastic.

“We thought that would be different, a bit more eye-catching than, say, a calendar with one big photo of the team, or a selection of action shots for each month. Modelling clothes rather than wearing tracksuits or jerseys appealed to everyone. Everyone was mad to do it because for the session everybody’s hair and makeup was done professionally.

“The photographer was top class as well – it was Dermot Byrne, who won an award as fashion photographer of the year, so he really knows his stuff. You could tell how experienced he was from the way he organised the shoot.

“The only hiccup was that we had to organise the shoot for one day, a Friday, which meant it was a bit of a challenge to get as many people there as possible. We managed to get 11 girls into the calendar and we organised a group shot for the last picture to make it 12 for the 12 months.”

Codd says the calendar is widely available within the county.

“Murphy’s Cash and Carry are involved in the distribution, and because they supply Gala shops all over Wexford, so you can get it almost anywhere in the county. You can also buy it at the Tom Doyle shops in Camolin and New Ross, and on-line at www.tomdoyle-supplies.com.”

The calendar will be launched on November 11 at a reception followed by a fun awards night (“Who takes the longest to get ready after a match, those kinds of awards,” says Codd) and dancing at the Amber Springs Hotel in Gorey. Tickets to the reception cost €5 while the calendar itself costs €10. Some of the proceeds from sales of the calendar will go to charity.

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