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This week Alan Green a typical Scouser; Munich chants don’t represent Pool fans; RTÉ's George Hamilton was terrible; Pool want to win league on goal difference but Robbie Keane could haunt them yet; O’Neill will never be a top manager; Toon fans out of tune; Mike Riley and his five minutes injury time; Luton return from the dead; City will never win anything with Dunne/Onuoha partnership.

The Letter of the Week goes to Brendan Foran, West Cork. Get in touch with your postal address and our magnificent prize will be winging its way to you.

LAST Monday’s Champions page 3 (March 30) was just another typical outburst from the ultra Liverpool fan Alan Green. If he wasn't going to feel nostalgic about Brian Clough, well don't speak ill of a man who not around to defend himself.

A typical Scouse attitude to bring up Clough's newspaper accusation about the Liverpool fans' behaviour at Hillsborough. 20 years on we still hear about Hillsborough - while a tragic disaster, trying to blame everyone but the Liverpool fans is now getting tiresome. Was it the police who broke down the gates and forced their way into the ground? No it was the fans. While police were blamed for their lack of organisation, what they were guilty of was to treat Liverpool fans as normal, when as said last week they had form from four years earlier at Heysel.

While I have no love of Manchester United I would love to see them win the title to equal the Scousers. Being a Forest fan I know how ungracious Liverpool fans are as they still are bitter about our two European Cup wins. So maybe that is the real reason why Alan Green doesn't want to feel nostalgic about the great Clough.

From Brendan, a Forest fan, by email

OUR SHOUT: Any chance at all that we could have the kind of club rivalry which doesn't require the deaths of 96 people being used as a football? Read on...

I WOULD like to respond to Mr J. Hickey's e-mail on Hillsborough last week (March 30). A piece which made me very angry and stunned at the naivety and hypocrisy of it all.

Munich chants are of course disgusting and obviously don’t reflect 99% of genuine Liverpool fans. The sad fact is that there are small minorities of idiots on both sides who have very little class and respect. However to disregard the emotions and opinions of the majority of Liverpool fans shows up this particular person's lack of understanding and knowledge.

As a Liverpool fan, April 15th is a very emotional date, and the remark that we are ''self-obsessed'' is very offensive. On this day we will mourn for the 96 not due to attention-seeking but because 96 fellow supporters lost their lives in an awful tragedy of which we NEVER received justice.

You say last week: ''Those of us who support either side will realise that those songs are sung frequently by each side (Heysel more than Hillsborough to be fair to MUFC)'' Just listen to yourself! So it's ok that United supporters sing about Heysel once it's not Hillsborough. What happened in Belgium on that day is the single greatest disgrace of Liverpool Football Club and one we are not at all proud of. However the club has expressed its greatest sympathy towards Juventus and done everything it can to help. Heysel was also an abomination and the fans responsible bear the guilt. That in no way detracts from the memory and effects of the Hillsborough disaster. Anyone who seeks to trivialise it demeans only himself.

Justice For The 96, YNWA, by email

OUR SHOUT: Well said.

IRELAND were terrible against Bulgaria but what was equally terrible was RTE's attempt at sports coverage. Let’s start with the commentary: just before the Bulgarian goal we get George Hamilton off on a speech about how a win is a win. Well George that’s very true, the only problem is that there are 20 mins left and you’re talking out of your big toe.

He wasn't alone. Jim Beglin decides to inform us that if Petrov was playing for Ireland we would be winning two nil! Incisive piece of analysis there, Jim. Jim caps it off by awarding Kevin Doyle man of the match - Doyle promptly endorses Jim’s choice by missing from five yards out. Well considering we’d be 2-0 if Petrov was playing for us that seems like an interesting choice. Dumb and dumber in the commentary box for this one. Moving to Bill and the boys, Eamon decides to inform us that he watches Kishishev for Charlton in the Championship and that he is rubbish. This isn't the Mahon tribunal Eamon you can’t just make up any old crap, or did some bloke you met in a pub tell you about Kishishev as well? Kishishev never played for Charlton in the Championship. Finally he tells us, he hopes we qualify.

Well I should hope so Eamon. Also I never sent in an email about Nedved a few weeks back though I do think he was worth a hurray!!

Patrick Keating, Limerick, by email

OUR SHOUT: So, um, how do we know you sent in this one?

BEATING Manchester United on goal difference at the end of the season would be a class way for Liverpool to finish the league but I'm worried about Liverpool's last game of the season against Spurs. What are the chances of Robbie Keane scoring a hat-trick against his old employers to prove a point to Rafa? Wouldn't that be a twist? I wouldn't be surprised if Rafa's poor treatment of Robbie came back to haunt him. Watch that space.

Eddypool, by email

OUR SHOUT: Aye, but final day Spurs history suggests that Robbie and pals will have to survive lunch first.

WE saw on Sunday why Martin O’Neill won’t cut it as a manager at the very highest level. With United on the rack Villa broke away . . . but had only two attacking players, with a third sauntering (and that’s the word) up from midfield. His obsession with packing the centre of the pitch when opponents are there to be beaten is the main reason why Villa will always be a nearly team.

Tony Corcoran, Kildare, by email

OUR SHOUT: Thought Villa played well myself. And, with even better players, I can see no reason why O' Neill couldn't cut it at the "very highest level". Where is that by the way - La Paz? Mind you, Maradona couldn't even cut it there.

NEWCASTLE fans were strangely subdued at the weekend. Are they all-Messiahed out . . . or has having four managers in a season simply worn them down?

Nick Brady, Dublin, by email

OUR SHOUT: There's only so many times you can do the resurrection reshuffle, I suppose.

GREAT win by United’s second string on Sunday . . . but were they playing Old Trafford time? Just where did the five additional minutes come from? At least it saved Mike Riley from the embarrassment of having to award them a penalty.

Limerick Red, by email

OUR SHOUT: Yeah, and we would have been spared that jammy winning goal too. Have a card coloured to match your face.

LUTON, the team that were deducted 30 points for going into administration, won the Johnstone's Paint Trophy on Sunday. No big deal, you might think. Except for the fact that the game was at Wembley and attracted 55,000 people. Given the perilous position of many clubs, for example Southampton and Charlton, both in the Premier League four years ago, the FA is going to have to rethink its policies on penalties for clubs that hit financial trouble for the start of next season . . .otherwise there will be no point having a league at all if lots of clubs start so far back as to make it meaningless.

Brendan Foran, West Cork, by email

OUR SHOUT: Prize-winng Letter of the Week.

I KNOW Richard Dunne’s popular over here an all, but let’s face facts. Manchester City are never going to challenge for anything while they have a centre-half pairing of him and Onuoha. I’m right, amn't I Liam?

Mick Kennedy, West Cork, by email

OUR SHOUT: Yep, Onuoha must go. (Nothing at all to do with the fact that Richard in seven feet tall and we often encounter him on Irish trips).

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