Alva's World: How to have fun and stay safe online.


the Irish Examiner has once again teamed up with CyberSafeKids and Irish animation studio Kavaleer to make the online world safer for children, brought to life by the wonderful animated world of Alva.

Technology plays an increasingly important and integral part of children’s present and future lives. It is being used more and more widely in schools and while this as a positive, empowering development, even a standard smartphone can potentially allow a child to take risks which were unthinkable 20 years ago.

Children need to be able to embrace the opportunities for learning and enjoyment that technology can deliver, but as parents and educators we have a responsibility to equip them with the tools to stay safe and avoid harm.


Established in 2015, CyberSafeKids is an Irish registered charity which works to empower children, parents and teachers to navigate the online world in a safe and responsible manner. Our founders and staff have backgrounds in cybercrime investigation, law enforcement, psychology, education, online child protection, academia and the not-for-profit sector.

Alva’s World sees our pint-sized heroine pitted against the plots of three duplicitous dunderheads – the Trolls of Gizmo. The fun programme aims to provide a much-needed set of water-wings for a generation of children who will find themselves at the deep end of life online in a few short years. 

Gizmo is the world that echoes the internet environment and social-media landscape, with all its wonders and risks. Alva’s World is the systems upgrade for the current preschool generation of digital natives. 


Every time you see Mo, click on him and he will give you one piece of Alva's advice for staying safe online. 

Make sure to read Alva's advise carefully. Once you have collected all of Alva's advice, you can test what you have learned at the end.

There are 24 Mo's overall, see if you can find them all, Good Luck!

Every time you see me flying around, Click!


FizzGizz Mania

The Fluffy Spy Effect

For All the Likes in Gizmo


The Race


Trojan Troll

Behind the Mask


Almost there!


Don't forget, you can catch Alva and her friends on RTEjr every week 

Alva’s World is now airing on RTEJr,

Broadcasting weekdays at:

08:30, 14:00 and 18:25

and weekend double bills at:

08:00, 11:45 and 18:40.


Bye Bye to Buy Buy

Funny Face

Oolie Reviewlie


Cookie Off

Mo Go Quizmo

Postie with the Mostie

Frighteningly Fearful Feather

Credit Conundrum

The Flungi-ning

Well done, you made it!

Now let's see what you learned.


Before you play games and apps, what should you always check?

Security alerts and notifications:

What should you do if you see bullying behaviour online?

When should you use other people's photos online?

When buying online you should:

If you are using shared devices, you should:

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