Opel sets the trend with thoroughbred GT Concept car

Further signs of the ongoing recovery at Opel will be revealed when the company’s GT Concept is premiered at the Geneva International Motor Show in March.

Opel says this trendsetting sportscar is a thoroughbred athlete with a front mid- engine and rear-wheel drive and is a direct descendant of the Opel GT from the 1970s.

The GT is said to be avant-garde, but renounces everything that disturbs the pure form. Thus it has no door handles, no exterior door mirrors, or windshield wipers.

Opel promises a dynamic driving machine that is symbolized by the red signature line that splits the vehicle body horizontally and proportions it.

Distinctive red front tires, mounted on rims with a roller skate design, are reminiscent of the Opel motorbike Motoclub 500 that was also avant-garde at its time, and was the proud owner of two red tires in 1928.

Apart from that, the GT Concept does not have many links to the past.

Opel sets the trend with thoroughbred GT Concept car

The long bonnet, the absence of a trunk lid, the central dual exhaust and of course, the name all refer to the original GT.

A key innovation of the Opel GT Concept are the large doors with the integrated side windows that show a seamless transition from glass to painted surfaces.

Driver and front passenger gain access to the unexpectedly spacious interior after pressing the touchpad for the electric doors that is integrated in the red signature line of the roof.

The doors immerse considerably into the front wheel arches when opened.

Two cameras mounted behind the wheel arches ensure a safe overview while driving in the city. They transmit their images to two monitors on the left and right-hand side of the cockpit, eliminating door mirrors and blind spots.

The Opel GT Concept has a powerful 1.0-litre, three-cylinder turbocharged engine based on the ultra-modern all-aluminium engine used in Adam, Corsa and Astra. It develops 107 kW/145 bhp and maximum torque of 205 Nm in its sporty trim.

Power is sent towards the rear axle with mechanical differential lock via a sequential six-speed transmission that is operated by shift paddles on the steering wheel.

It accelerates from 0 to 100km/h in less than eight seconds and has a top speed of 215kph.

We will, of course, have more on this in early March.


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