Toyota Ireland launch ‘Built for a Better World’ campaign

Toyota Ireland has announced the launch of its new ‘Built for a Better World’ brand platform and advertising campaign and, with that, its intention to develop and roll-out a series of major brand marketing initiatives designed to create a meaningful difference for the people of Ireland with a concerted drive to creating a better future for all.

Beloved by Irish families over the decades, Toyota is now moving to the next phase of its evolution as it focuses on delivering game changing innovations and initiatives that will make a real and credible impact on the key future issues that face Irish families and motorists.

Underpinned by a multi-million euro investment, ‘Built for a Better World’ will not just serve as the brand’s new advertising brand promise, but will also embody the foundation of everything it does going forward, from sales, customer service and dealer experience, right through to its brand initiatives which will begin to roll-out from January 2017.

To launch the new brand platform, Toyota commissioned a Hybrid television advertising campaign the core of which is to parallel Toyota’s own hybrid journey with the creative narrative of a dad and his young son who take a road trip from Dublin to Donegal to see the Northern Lights at Fanad Lighthouse.

For Toyota, that journey began 20 years ago, when the company had a dream of more fuel efficient cars and cleaner air for everyone. The competition dismissed hybrid. Now there are 9m Toyota hybrids on the roads, with 15m projected by 2020.

As the competition scrambles to catch up, Toyota is racing ahead to a future where harmful emissions will be a thing of the past and to ensure we don’t have to wait another 20 years, Toyota is sharing its 5,680 hydrogen patents with the competitors for free. Because someone has to lead.

Commenting on the announcement, Michael Gaynor, Toyota Ireland’s marketing director, said: “As Ireland’s most loved family car brand and a company that holds the Kaizen principal of ‘continuous improvement’ near and dear to our hearts, we believe we have a responsibility to lead change and positively contribute to the enrichment and betterment of the lives of Irish people in a truly meaningful way.

“Our vision is to create a more environmentally sustainable future by offering a wider choice in mobility solutions for commuters and motorists including hybrid, plug-in hybrid, fuel cell vehicles and car sharing programmes like YUKO which we launched earlier this year.

“But we want to go further than that. It is our belief that we can leverage the strength of our national dealer network and our inherent relentless, inventive and considerate spirit to help create a better future for Irish people and the communities in which they live.

“The launch of the new TV Hybrid ad is the first step in bringing our ambitious brand vision to life and we look forward to providing further details on the ‘Built for a Better World’ initiatives that we will be rolling out in Ireland in 2017.”


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