This graphic shows the wide gap in pump prices around Europe

Irish petrol prices at the pump have fallen by an average of 6.1% in the last year.

This decrease is slightly higher than the European average which stands at 5.4%.

The price decline has not, however, been nearly as sharp as the decline in general crude oil price which has fallen by 46% in the last year.

The highest drop in price was seen in Greece and Poland where prices fell by 19.8% and 18.3% respectively. 

The UK has seen a greater fall in price, with average prices falling by 8.2% but the price per litre is still higher than in Ireland at €1.33.

The steep decline in crude oil prices compared to the decline of price at the pumps has led to Howard Cox, the founder of the pressure group FairFuelUK, accusing suppliers of “opportunistic profiteering”.

Ireland has an average price per litre of €1.24 compared to Russia who have the lowest price in Europe at €0.42.

This graphic below highlights the difference in prices around Europe, measuring the average price per litre and the percentage at which the price fell or in some cases has risen. 

Last week we sent photographer Dan Linehan to check out some of the different petrol and diesel prices around Cork.

This week we sent him out again to investigate some further prices around the county and see where the lowest prices were.

Some of the places Dan went this time round include Douglas, Carrigaline and Ballincollig.


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