Predator is perfect speciman for hunting

The Predator is the fastest F-type in the world.

This is the new fastest F-Type in the world. It’s going Lamborghini-hunting with 650bhp, a 200mph-plus top speed and the only name worthy of it: Predator.

Built using a V8 F-Type R Coupe as the starting point, the bespoke vehicle tuners, designers and professional madmen at VIP Design London have upgraded all the car’s key parts to create an absolute animal. Nought to 60 in how fast? Nobody knows... yet.

The engine has high-flow air filters, an uprated supercharger pulley, higher boost pressures and a totally new ECU map that took three full weeks on the dyno to perfect.

It sits 30mm lower than the F-Type R on gold-coloured alloy wheels, which contrast perfectly with the highly-polished black paintwork. A choice of 24 designs and 28 colours are available.

The suspension has been strengthened with new parts, joints and rubbers for better steering response and more flat-out control.

And as if the standard car’s glorious V8 cacophony wasn’t enough, there is a new manifold-back exhaust system with lower back-pressure and two driver-selectable noise levels.

Chief lunatic and managing director Paul Busby wasn’t happy with the standard sound. “The exhaust was not deep enough, more of a shriek than a V8 rumble,” he is quoted as saying, apparently with a straight face.

“The VIP Design F-Type Predator changes all that. The full manifold back high performance exhaust system is switchable, allowing different purr levels - loud and really loud! You can’t help but grin every time you press the button.”

Styling is an integral part of the project. Carbon-fibre features heavily in bonnet vents, front and rear splitters and a rear diffuser.

For a complete Predator build VIP Design has set the entry point at stg £12,600. With used F-Type R Coupes starting from stg £60,000 versus a list price of almost stg £87,000 before options, that’s plenty of change to play with...


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