Mercedes plans line of ‘have-it-all’ cars

Mercedes has announced the newest versions of its top-selling C-class line, which will make their debut at the Frankfurt motor show and go on sale in summer 2016.

The 2017 Mercedes-Benz AMG C63 Coupe and Coupé S version are special not only because of their massive power (503 hp in the S) and speed (0-60mph in 3.8 seconds) but because they’re the latest members of a growing group of so-called have-it-all cars: Luxury saloons basically squished into the body of a coupé.

The idea is you get the elegant design and space of a posh towncar with the athleticism of a sports car. Foremost in this class are such vehicles as the BMW M4 Coupé and the Audi RS5.

The new AMG C63 fits right in, with a softly sloped roofline and creature comforts on a par with towncars with bodies far larger than its gymnast-compact frame. But its AMG pedigree makes it aggressive in a way no saloon can touch.

Mercedes plans line of ‘have-it-all’ cars

The AMG C63 stands out as well in this pocket of newcomers as the only V8 turbo in the group. Its 4.0-litre V8 engine has two turbochargers placed square between its cylinder banks in a special configuration called a “hot inside V”. Hot.

AMG has made a special “ride-control” suspension with electronically controlled shock absorbers, dynamic transmission modes, and a rear-axle, limited-slip differential, all of which make the car super-smart when you drive. It anticipates corners, turns, and weight changes, and is supernaturally glossy as it glides you around turns. It’s something a straight sedan just can’t do.

Mercedes plans line of ‘have-it-all’ cars

Better yet, the AMG C63 looks different enough from the standard C-Class that it’ll be unmistakable to anyone who cares. The only things the siblings have in common are their doors, roof, and trunk lid. Otherwise, the wider stance, stretched front and rear axels, and flared wheel arches on the AMG C63 (not to mention ample badging inside and out) set it far apart aesthetically from otherwise pedestrian sport coupés.

The whole idea is that if you buy this whip, you’re going to want to take it to the track, but because of the Mercedes-refined leather, drive technology, and intelligent design inside and out, you’ll be a lot more comfortable during hot laps than those chumps in the bare-bones Lotuses and Porsches.

More’s the pity.


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