Commuting to work is more stressful than your job

Your job is actually less stressful than getting than getting to your desk in the morning, says new research from Ford.

Commuting in London is even more stressful than a visit to the dentist or moving house, the study says, while the increasing unpredictability of journeys means almost everyone leaves early for work to counter hold-ups en-route.

Londoners are late for work more often than their European counterparts. As many as 80% are late at least once a month, while almost half (47%) are late two or three times per month.

Ford asked 5,500 commuters in six cities about their travel and working habits, with those in London revealing frequent late arrivals at work due to travel nightmares.

In London, 36% of people in the survey find commuting stressful compared to 29% of people who identified work itself as the most stressful part of their day. However, 41% of those questioned in London said that they felt commuting was getting more and more stressful, and people aged 18-34 are the most likely to be stressed out by it.

Ford commissioned the survey as part of its plans for autonomous inner-city vehicles and the use of so-called ’big data’.

Andreas Ostendorf, vice president for sustainability, environment and safety engineering at Ford of Europe, said: “For many people it can feel like they have done a full day before they have even set foot in the office. Society is becoming increasingly urban with cities growing in size and number, and we need a transport infrastructure that can keep pace with that expansion.

“Protecting the freedom of mobility requires more than just new train routes and roads. We all have to work together on a network of interconnected and sustainable solutions.”


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