Bentley’s in-house commissioning division Mulliner equip Bentayga with a unique falconry kit

A Bentley Bentayga from 2016

Bentley’s in-house commissioning division Mulliner has shown just how luxurious it can make a Bentayga by equipping one with a unique falconry kit.

It contains everything required for “an enjoyable falconry experience”, including refreshments cabinet and a ‘master flight station’, which is used for storing falconry equipment.

The two components are trimmed in natural cork fabric and sit on a sliding tray that can extend out of the boot. There are also two perches that can be set up to allow falconers to “prepare their bird in comfort and shade”.

In the cabin, another perch has been fitted on the central armrest, while an impressive veneer depicting a falcon flying over sand dunes also features prominently on the dashboard. This eye-catching design was created using 430 individual pieces of wood, and took nine days to craft by hand.

Geoff Dowding, director of Mulliner, said: “The Bentayga Falconry showcases what’s possible with our skilled craftspeople. They can devise elegant and exquisitely executed bespoke solutions to complement any lifestyle or hobby.

“Falconry is regarded as the sport of kings in the Middle East, so it was vital that the kit we created was as luxurious as it was practical and durable to appeal to our valued customers there and around the world.”


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