It was confirmed yesterday that damage in Ireland was limited

More North Korea links found in ransomware attack

A South Korean cyber security expert says there is more circumstantial evidence that North Korea may be behind the global "ransomware" attack.

LATEST: HSE rebooting 1,200 servers after global cyber attack

Family doctors in Ireland have been warned not to use their practice computers until they are certain their anti-virus security systems are up to date.

Cyber experts found older virus while tackling threat to HSE

Irish hospitals suspected of being hit by the international cyber attack had been targeted by a different, older virus, health chiefs have revealed.

Cyber attack spreads to Asia as experts warn of new wave

The worldwide "ransomware" cyber attack has spread to thousands more computers as people across Asia logged in at work, disrupting businesses, schools, hospitals and daily life.

North Korea implicated as source of global cyber attack

Latest: Two internet security firms are suggesting North Korea could be behind a global cyber attack, which has caused worldwide disruption.

WannaCry cyber attack 'accidental hero' fears for his safety

The British IT expert who slowed the spread of the WannaCry global cyber attack now fears for his safety.

Theresa May: Patients records 'not compromised' in WannaCry cyber attack

Theresa May said the British Government is not aware of any evidence that patient records have been compromised in the massive cyber attack on the NHS.

How can you protect against ransomware?

Following the cyber attack on the NHS, what can be done to help protect computers from malware?

What is Wanna Decryptor - the virus behind the worldwide cyber attack?

The ransomware has hit organisations in 150 countries.