A rare look behind the scenes at a '25' card tournament in Clare wins this year's video journalism prize

A rare look behind the scenes of a '25' card tournament and a tribute tribute to palliative care nurses have emerged as the top two videos in this year's annual video journalism prize.


25 ... What do you know about Ireland's national card game?

Recognised by many as the national card game of Ireland, 25 is a game synonymous with the Irish countryside.


Cardiac arrest victim saved by miracle - but that’s not always the case

Tony Cullen collapsed during an amateur soccer match with friends on February 9, 2012.


Back from the brink: Cardiac arrest sufferer displays importance of lifesaving equipment

On September 13th 2015, Cathal Joyce suffered a cardiac arrest prior to a gaelic football match in Mullingar, Co. Westmeath.


Palliative care nurses. Ireland's hidden heroes

The work of a palliative care centre nurse is often emotionally demanding and can affect their livelihoods.


Ireland’s used school books ... A ray of hope for Malawi

Every year thousands of schoolbooks in Ireland end up in landfill.


Benhaffaf twins are flying high after visiting Shannon Airport

It has been eight years since Cork twins Hassan and Hussein Benhaffaf were born joined at the chest.


Teenage stroke survivor speaks about her recovery two years on

Limerick teenager, Shannonree Maher suffered from a stroke when she was just 17 years old.


Check out the University of Limerick / Landmark Media student video journalism shortlist

A tribute to palliative care nurses, two stories highlighting the importance of defibrillators and a focus on 'Ireland's national card game', 25, are among the videos produced by University of Limerick students for this year's annual video journalism prize.