Ticket touting legislation  - Core value ban?

INCONSISTENCY in principle, practice, or legislation can be mystifying. Without consistency, uncertainty prevails. Without consistency, especially in how laws are framed and implemented, something entirely unacceptable in one situation is tolerable in another even if the same principles are in play.


Olympic Council of Ireland to vote on term-limit for board members

Nine months since most of the OCI executive resigned, members will vote tonight on the proposals which were part of recommendations in the wake of the Rio ticketing scandal.


Rio Olympics ticket-touting court case suspended

The Brazilian ticket-touting court case in which Pat Hickey was expected to testify at the end of November has been suspended.


€410,000 loan paid to Pat Hickey by ANOC may not be repaid

The money was used to allow the former ANOC vice president to receive bail in Brazil last year.