The CEO of Malaysia Airlines is taking over Ryanair's flight operations.

Ryanair chief operations officer quits amid cancelled flights disruption

Ryanair's chief operations officer will leave the company at the end of the month, the airline has announced.

Holidaymakers 'struggle to find accurate financial protection information'

Holidaymakers struggle to obtain accurate information from travel firms about financial protection, an investigation has found.

Ryanair chief operating officer, Michael Hickey, resigns from airline

The man whose responsibilities include pilots and ground crew is leaving Ryanair, it has emerged tonight.

Air safety authority under fire from pilots

Reports made to the Irish Aviation Authority (IAA) go into a “black hole”, it has been alleged.

Ryanair refunds 98% of customers affected by cancellations

Ryanair says it has refunded or re-accommodated 98% of customers affected by flight cancellations in September and October.

Making Cents: Make sure you know your rights as an airline passenger

If the recent controversy regarding Ryanair and cancelled flights has an upside, it is the reminder to travellers to be aware of their rights, and their chosen airline’s responsibilities, when plans go awry.

How can I claim a refund for my cancelled Ryanair flight?

Here's a run-down of the rules that apply.

Ryanair emails customers to clarify rights after legal threats

Ryanair has responded to threats of legal action from the UK aviation regulator by emailing customers affected by flight cancellations to clarify their rights.

Don’t take Ryanair’s word about compensation

John Hearne plots a course through the rights of passengers whose flights have been cancelled

Ryanair pledges weekly updates to watchdog

Ryanair has agreed to give the Commission for Aviation Regulation weekly updates on the number of passengers out of Ireland who are entitled to compensation and expenses as well as the numbers of claims submitted and claims closed out.

Ryanair 'failed to respond to request for a meeting', says UK aviation regulator

Ryanair has been accused by the British aviation regulator of failing to respond to its request to discuss how it is treating passengers whose flights have been cancelled.

Here's how you can claim a refund if your Ryanair flight has been cancelled

Ryanair passengers whose flights have been cancelled may be entitled to compensation.

UK aviation regulator gives Ryanair until 5pm today to fix compensation claims or face action

Ryanair has until 5pm today to sort out compensation for hundreds of thousands of travellers hit by mass flight cancellations or face possible action by the UK's aviation regulator.

RYANAIR CANCELLATIONS: Dublin hit as 22 flights cancelled

Ryanair is cancelling 22 flights to and from Dublin in changes to its winter schedule.

RYANAIR CANCELLATIONS: A game of snakes and ladders with Ryanair, the regulator and you

Imagine you are playing a game of snakes and ladders, writes Joyce Fegan.

'Complete joke' Ryanair bombarded with complaints by angry customers

Furious Ryanair customers are bombarding the firm with complaints and questions following the latest batch of flight cancellations.

Latest: These are the 22 Ryanair flights cancelled each week to and from Dublin over winter

Latest: Twenty-two Ryanair flights into and out of Dublin Airport will be cancelled each week between November and March.

Unions finding a new relevance

It is hardly coincidental that the fall in real pay and circumstances faced by so many private-sector workers runs parallel to the decline in trade-union membership. Unions still hold sway in the public sector but, in the private sector, unions are but shadows of the force they once were.

Government urged to intervene and state position on Ryanair pay and conditions

The Transport Minister, Shane Ross, has been urged in the Dáil to intervene on the issue of pay and conditions for staff at Ryanair.

Michael O’Leary ‘very contrite’ over Ryanair flight cancellations

Ryanair boss Michael O’Leary is “very contrite” over the rolling flight cancellation programme, Transport Minister Shane Ross said in London, but the problem “should have been foreseen”.

Ryanair staff asked to take unpaid leave

Further complications have emerged at Ryanair as some staff at the East Midlands base in England have allegedly been told to take a six-week block of unpaid leave.

Q&A on Ryanair and unions: 60% of pilots are on non-typical contracts

Joyce Fegan answers the latest questions on Ryanair.

Ryanair announces 5 new routes from Dublin airport for summer 2018

Ryanair launched its Dublin summer 2018 schedule today with five new routes.