Russia expels 23 British diplomats amid row over spy poisoning

Russia's Foreign Ministry has summoned the British ambassador for talks in the dispute over a nerve agent attack on a former spy in the UK.


Latest: 'Russia is not guilty' of spy poisoning, says Russian foreign minister Sergei Lavrov

Latest: Russia's ambassador in London Alexander Yakovenko suggested that the British Government was making allegations against Moscow as part of an "anti-Russian campaign" to divert attention from Brexit.


Russian ambassador slams British ‘hostile action’

The Russian ambassador to Ireland described the expulsion by Britain of 23 diplomats as a “hostile action” and said it would “not go unanswered”.


UK and allies blame Russia for Salisbury nerve agent attack

Leaders of Britain, the US, Germany and France have issued a joint statement blaming Russia for the Salisbury poison attack.


Russian ambassador to Ireland describes response to Salisbury attack as 'hype and propaganda'

The Russian ambassador to Ireland has described the response to the Salisbury attack as ‘hype’ and ‘propaganda’’.


France backs Britain over Salisbury spy poisoning

France has backed Theresa May's assessment that Russia is culpable for the attack in Salisbury and says it stands in solidarity with the UK.


Latest: Watchdog asked to verify Britain's findings on Salisbury nerve agent attack

Latest: Britain has asked the international chemical weapons watchdog to verify its findings that Moscow is behind the nerve agent attack in Salisbury.