Talks between Ireland and Scotland over Rockall dispute could lead to 'satisfactory agreement', says Creed

The Minister expects high-level “engagement” on the diplomatic row to take place in the next few days and the issue to be resolved without international courts getting involved as EU Common Fishery Policy still applies to the territory pre-Brexit.


Government announce 'process of intensified engagement' agreed with Scotland over Rockall dispute

The Irish government has announced a process of intensified engagement over the Rockall fisheries dispute has been agreed with the Scottish government.


Q&A: What is Rockall and why is it in the news?

Brexit has put massive strain on Irish-UK relations but could a tiny islet be the rock on which they perish? Caroline O'Doherty looks at the background to the Rockall dispute.


Q&A: The Rockall fishing dispute - Everything you need to know

Wondering what the Rockall fishing dispute is all about. Caroline O'Doherty has the answers.


Tánaiste: Government was told in September about Scotland's Rockall claims

Tánaiste Simon Coveney has said that the Irish Government was informed last September about Scotland’s intentions to enforce its claim to the territorial waters around Rockall.


Creed: No backing down over Rockall fishing rights

The Government has warned Scotland it will not back down over the deepening Rockall fishing rights stand-off and will take EU court action if the Scottish threaten fishermen with navy vessels.


Rockall Row: Government needs to defend the interests of the Irish fishing community, says SF TD

Opposition politicians are urging the Government to defend the interests of the Irish fishing community over Rockall.


Rockall Row: At least four Irish vessels fishing this evening in defiance of Scottish ban

Latest: Ireland is rejecting a threat of 'enforcement action' by Scotland over the long-disputed Rockall fishing grounds.