Approval given for referendum on removal of blasphemy offence

The Minister for Justice and Equality Charlie Flanagan was given approval by the Cabinet to hold the referendum in October.


Justice delayed - Redress cases

Yesterday’s decision by an Australian court that Vatican treasurer Cardinal George Pell must face trial on charges of historical sexual offences makes him the most senior Catholic official to be tried on such allegations.


From God-fearing state to one that cherishes all

A third Irish Constitution would be secular, but that does not mean that it would be anti-religious. It would be pluralist and would create space for religion, says TP O’Mahony.


Archbishop Diarmuid Martin says clerical abuse must be discussed during Pope's visit

The Archbishop of Dublin, Diarmuid Martin, has said that there will have to be a discussion on clerical abuse when the Pope visits Ireland this summer.


Tributes paid to Cork born priest who was first to oppose Church's ban on artificial contraception

The Cork born priest who became the first Irish cleric to oppose the Catholic Church's ban on artificial contraception was laid to rest in Cork yesterday.


Church of England introduces contactless payment to bring collection plate into the digital age

The Church of England is bringing the collection plate into the digital age with the introduction of contactless payment terminals across every diocese in the UK.


Time to acknowledge and address decades of racism

During the last few decades there has been acknowledgement of how unmarried mothers and their children who were placed in the care of the state were mistreated and sometimes abused within Church-run institutions, writes Bryan Fanning, Professor of Migration and Social Policy at University College Dublin.


Watch Mary McAleese speak at Rome conference; Son slams exclusion from Vatican

Justin McAleese, the son of former President Mary McAleese, has said he thinks people will find it hard to stomach that she was "silenced and banned" from speaking at a conference about women in the Vatican.


Study finds 'little support' for purely Catholic religious instruction among trainee primary teachers

Around 90% of trainee primary teachers say they are Roman Catholics, compared to just 78% percent of the general population.


A joint Christmas message from the Arbhishops of Armagh

“The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness did not overcome it”  - John 1:5