North Korea

North Korea has condemned US President Donald Trump as a leader who frequently tweets "weird articles of his ego-driven thoughts" and "spouts rubbish" to give his assistants a hard time.

South Korea and US troops start drills amid Pyongyang nuclear war threat

South Korean and US troops have begun annual drills that come after tensions rose over North Korea's two intercontinental ballistic missile tests last month.

US: War would be 'horrific' but North Korea nuclear attack 'unimaginable'

The US's top military officer has said a military solution to the North Korean missile threat would be "horrific" but allowing Pyongyang to develop the capability to launch a nuclear attack on the United States is "unimaginable".

South Korea's president hints at sending envoy to North Korea and rules out war

Seoul will consider sending a special envoy to North Korea if Pyongyang stops its missile and nuclear tests, South Korea's president has said.

Guam residents alarmed by accidental broadcast of emergency alert

An emergency alert was mistakenly broadcast to Guam residents amid fears of missile strikes against the Pacific island by North Korea.

Kim Jong Un briefed on plans for missile tests near Guam

North Korea's leader Kim Jong Un has been briefed on his military's plans to launch missiles in waters near Guam.

US officials claim confrontation with North Korea not imminent

"The US military is locked and loaded every day," HR McMaster said.

LATEST: Johnson says UK working to bring diplomatic end to North Korea crisis

LATEST: Boris Johnson has said the regime of Kim Jong Un is responsible for the crisis over North Korea's nuclear programme and must now "fix it".

Donald Trump warns North Korea leader 'will regret it fast' if he acts against US

Donald Trump has said North Korean leader Kim Jong Un "will regret it fast" if he continues his threats to US territories and allies.

Analysis: Beyond the bluster back channel diplomacy with North Korea continues

Beyond the bluster, the Trump administration has been quietly engaged in back channel diplomacy with North Korea for several months - addressing Americans imprisoned in the communist country and deteriorating relations between the long-time foes, writes Matthew Pennington of Associated Press. 

Russia calls for end to 'over the top' rhetoric on N.K.

Latest: Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov has said the risks of a military conflict over North Korea's nuclear program are rising and suggested the rhetoric was now "starting to go over the top".

Time for North Korea to 'get their act together': Donald Trump

Latest: Donald Trump has issued a new threat to North Korea, demanding that Kim Jong Un's government "get their act together" or face extraordinary trouble.

North Korea details plan to launch missiles at Guam by mid-August

North Korea has announced a detailed plan to launch a salvo of ballistic missiles towards the US Pacific territory of Guam, a major military hub and home to American bombers.

North Korea outlines plan for missile attack on Guam

North Korea has spelled out its plan to launch a volley of ballistic missiles towards Guam, dismissing US president Donald Trump's threats of "fire and fury" as "a load of nonsense".

Rex Tillerson believes there is no 'imminent threat' from North Korea

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson has urged calm and said Americans should have "no concerns" after North Korea and President Donald Trump traded fiery threats.

Donald Trump threatens North Korea with ’fire and fury like the world has never known’

Updated: President Donald Trump has said North Korea "had best not make any more threats to the United States" or "they will be met with fire and fury like the world has never seen".

North Korean regime vows ’thousand fold’ revenge over new US sanctions

North Korea has vowed to bolster its nuclear arsenal and gain revenge of a "thousand-fold" against the United States in response to tough UN sanctions imposed following its recent intercontinental ballistic missile tests.

UN Security Council approves new sanctions against North Korea

The UN Security Council has unanimously approved new sanctions on North Korea, including banning exports worth over $1bn.

Boris Johnson condemns North Korea's intercontinental ballistic missile test

North Korea's testing of an intercontinental ballistic missile has been condemned by Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson.

Latest: Japan and South Korea accuse North of ICBM missile launch

Latest: South Korea's joint chiefs of staff said that a missile was launched from North Korea's northern Jagang province today.

US to ban Americans from travelling to North Korea

The Trump administration is to ban US citizens from travelling to North Korea following the death of university student Otto Warmbier who fell into a coma in a North Korean prison.

South Korea offers talks on tensions and family reunions with North

South Korea has offered to talk with North Korea to ease animosities along their tense border and resume reunions of families separated by their war in the 1950s.

Practice bombing run by US a 'reckless provocation', says North Korea

North Korea has criticised a practice bombing run on the Korean peninsula by two US B-1B bombers as a dangerous move, raising the risk of nuclear war.

South Korea fires missiles in drills amid stand-off with North

They involved 15 warships including a 3,200-ton-class destroyer, as well as helicopters and fighter jets, South Korea's navy said in a statement.

North Korea missile launch: Is the world a step closer to war?

The US ambassador to the UN warned that the “possibility of a diplomatic solution” is narrowing.

Donald Trump calls on China to do more over North Korea

Donald Trump has expressed frustration with China for failing to do more to cut off support to North Korea and exert pressure to curb its nuclear pursuits.

North Korea intercontinental ballistic missile launch 'escalates threat to US'

North Korea has test-launched its first intercontinental ballistic missile, a potential game-changing development in what may be the world's most dangerous nuclear stand-off.

China and Russia seek halt of North Korea weapons tests

Russia and China have proposed that North Korea declares a moratorium on nuclear and missile tests while the United States and South Korea refrain from large-scale military exercises.

New North Korea launch seen as further military challenge to Washington

Latest:: North Korea's has claimed to have launched its first intercontinental ballistic missile in what is seen as a potential game-changing development in its push to militarily challenge Washington.

North Korea denies torturing US student

North Korea has denied it cruelly treated or tortured a US student who was detained for more than year and died days after being released in a coma.