When marriage doesn’t work, be authentic

Have you noticed how almost everything written about divorce, either in print or online, is illustrated with that generic photo of a wedding cake split down the middle, the miniature bride and groom cleaved apart, toppling towards a chasm of iced sponge?


On the couch: What happens in couples counselling

Chris O'Dowd and Rosamund Pike star as a time-crunched couple who are undergoing relationship therapy in a new mini-series,


20 ‘marriages of convenience’ blocked last year

The Civil Registration Service investigated 41 weddings last year as suspected “marriages of convenience”, with 20 ceremonies ultimately prevented from proceeding.


People choosing to marry at later stage in life

For opposite-sex marriages last year, the average age of brides was 34 and 36 for grooms, the highest to date.


Social media behaviour becoming ‘common problem’ in Irish marriages

Catholic counselling service to tailor the way it operates to deal with relationship issues arising from mobile technology and social media.


Set to be a bridesmaid or a groomsman this year? Here’s your ultimate wedding party checklist!

Being asked to join a wedding party isn’t just an honour and a great day out; it also means stepping up and being there for your friend or sibling on the happiest, most important, and most stressful day of their lives.


Ask an expert: Should I leave my wife for an old flame?

Columnist and trained counsellor Fiona Caine offers guidance on whether a man should leave his wife for an old flame.


Fewer young women wed older men, CSO figures show

There has been a dramatic drop-off in young Irish women marrying older men in the past two decades — but an increasing number of middle-aged women are swapping vows with more elderly husbands.