Puttnam: Criticism of Neeson went too far

Renowned film producer David Puttnam has described the public criticism of Liam Neeson after a controversial interview earlier this year as “embarrassingly” quick.


Readers' blog: Liam Neeson has been judged far too harshly

An egregious crime was committed on a close friend of Liam Neeson who was extremely upset for the person experiencing trauma.


The tricky business of forgiving Liam Neeson

Does Liam Neeson deserve to be shunned for all of eternity? No. Most importantly, do we need to sincerely listen to black people about why they are hurt by his comments? Yes, writes Joyce Fegan


Sorry Liam Neeson, murderous racism is not a natural or 'primal' response – here's the science

Referring to something as “primal” makes is sound inevitable, as if the reaction can’t be helped because we are programmed to behave in a certain way when we are angry enough. But is it actually the case that evolution is to blame for how we behave when we get angry? Or do biases that we may not even be aware of actually shape our aggression? Dr Ching-Yu Huang takes a look at the evidence.


Michelle Rodriguez: 'Liam Neeson is not a racist because of how he kissed Viola Davis'

Liam Neeson's Widows co-star Michelle Rodriguez has told Vanity Fair that she is certain he is not a racist, because of how passionately he kissed his black co-star Viola Davis on screen.


Neeson withdraws from Exorcist film

Liam Neeson has finally had to withdraw from the ill-fated Exorcist - The Beginning, a film dogged by delays and directorial changes.


Neeson lucky to be alive

Actor Liam Neeson looks fighting fit as he arrives at the premier of his latest film knowing he is lucky to be alive.