Jason Corbett

A US judge has refused to quash the convictions of the wife and father-in-law of Jason Corbett.

US network broadcast pre-trial interviews with father and daughter convicted of Jason Corbett murder

Thomas and Molly Martens told a US television station in a pre-trial interview that they were convinced Jason Corbett was trying to kill them and they were just defending themselves.

Molly Martens sent Corbett family ambulance bill after Jason's murder

Molly Martens, the US woman who murdered her husband Jason Corbett, sent his family the bill for the ambulance that came to his house the night she killed the father-of-two.

New images released of Jason Corbett's killers in hours after his death

Update: New pictures showing Molly Martens and her father Thomas Martens in the hours after Jason Corbett's death have emerged this evening.

Jason Corbett's son describes step-mother as 'a murderer' in victim impact statement

Update 9.48pm: Jason Corbett’s son, Jack, described his step-mother, Molly Martens Corbett as a murderer in a victim-impact statement read out in a south Carolina court today.

Jury to resume deliberations in Jason Corbett murder trial

The jury in the Jason Corbett murder trial resumes its deliberations later today.

Jury sent home for night as closing arguments delivered in Jason Corbett murder trial

Latest: The jury of nine women and three men have been sent home in the second-degree murder trial of Irish businessman Jason Corbett, reports Michael Hewlett in South Carolina.

'Jason Corbett can't speak to you but his blood speaks the truth and cries out for justice', trial hears

In closing arguments, Davidson County prosecutors alleged that former FBI agent Thomas Martens and his daughter Molly brutally bludgeoned Irish businessman Jason Corbett to death with a metal bat and a concrete paving brick and then concocted a story of self-defense to cover up their crime.

Jason Corbett’s wife not called to testify as defence rest their case

The wife of the Irish man killed in the US two years ago has not been called to testify in his murder trial, writes Michael Hewlett from North Carolina.

Father-in-law of Jason Corbett: ‘I hit him until I felt he could not kill me’

The father-in-law of Irishman Jason Corbett took the stand yesterday in a North Carolina courtroom describing how he repeatedly beat the 39-year-old Irishman on the head with a baseball bat in the early hours of August 2, 2015, writes Michael L Hewlett.

Weeping father tells jury he hit Jason Corbett because he feared for his and daughter's life

Thomas Martens, the father of Molly Martens, has told a jury he hit Jason Corbett until he was down because he was afraid Jason would kill him and his daughter, Molly Corbett.

Jason Corbett's sister tells murder trial he told her he wanted to bring kids back to Ireland to live

A lead detective falsely told an insurance agent that Molly Martens refused to cooperate and answer questions about the death of her husband, Irish businessman Jason Corbett, an attorney for Ms Martens alleged in court.

Jason Corbett’s father-in-law 'told co-worker he hated Jason', murder trial hears

Jason Corbett’s father-in-law Thomas Martens told a co-worker that he hated Jason two months before the Irish businessman was found bludgeoned to death, according to testimony at the murder trial today.

Paramedics recall a 'coolness' of Jason Corbett's body while trying to revive him

Two paramedics have told the Jason Corbett murder trial, that the Limerick man's body felt cool as they tried to revive him.

Court hears how Jason Corbett socialised with neighbour on day before the killing

A neighbour testified yesterday that things were normal the day before Irish businessman Jason Corbett was bludgeoned to death.

Juror vomited at sight of Jason Corbett’s injuries

A US police officer has described how he told the daughter of Irishman Jason Corbett to close her eyes as he carried her downstairs.

Murder accused ‘had no visible signs of injury’

Juror shown graphic images of head trauma leaves courtroom after vomiting during medical testimony.

Jason Corbett 911 dispatcher says Martens 'not out of breath' doing CPR

A police dispatcher who took Thomas Martens’ 911 call the morning of Irish businessman Jason Corbett’s death testified that Mr Martens never sounded out of breath, even as he did three rotations of CPR on Mr Corbett, writes Michael Hewlett.

Jason Corbett’s skull was in pieces, prosecutor tells jury

Limerick-born businessman Jason Corbett was beaten so brutally that pieces of his skull fell out on the medical examiner’s table during the autopsy, a trial in North Carolina, heard yesterday.