Hurricane Maria

President Donald Trump has criticised hurricane-ravaged Puerto Rico, saying the government cannot keep US federal aid there "forever".

Puerto Rico raises death toll from Hurricane Maria to 34

The official death toll from Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico has increased to 34 from 16, the US territory's governor has said.

Donald Trump surveys Hurricane Maria damage on Puerto Rico trip

Donald Trump came face to face with hurricane-ravaged Puerto Rico today after denouncing critics of the federal relief effort as "politically motivated ingrates" who need to step up their own response to the crisis.

'Big decisions' needed on rebuilding Puerto Rico, says Donald Trump

The mayor of the island's biggest city, San Juan, has said the response to the disaster is "not a good news story".

Puerto Ricans contradict White House assertion on relief efforts saying: 'We ran out of food yesterday'

The Trump administration has declared that its relief efforts in Puerto Rico are succeeding, but people on the island said help was scarce eight days after Hurricane Maria devastated the US territory.

Battered Puerto Rico has changed from green to brown after Hurricane Maria

These pictures show how Hurricane Maria has reduced the lush green landscape of Puerto Rico to a muddy brown in images captured from space.

Scramble to reach people in danger from Puerto Rico dam after Hurricane Maria

Puerto Rican officials could not reach more than half their towns amid a push to evacuate tens of thousands of people over a failing dam as the disaster wrought by Hurricane Maria becomes clear.

Failing dam adds to misery of hurricane-hit Puerto Rico

A failing dam has sparked emergency evacuations of two towns in north-west Puerto Rico as the US territory struggled with flooding, an island-wide blackout and other dangers in Hurricane Maria's wake.

Hurricane Maria leaves at least 15 dead as navy searches for boat with 2 adults, 2 children aboard

More than 15 people are dead and 20 remain missing after Hurricane Maria's direct hit on Dominica, the prime minister has said.

Rescue workers inundated as Puerto Rico recovers from strongest hurricane in over 80 years

Rescuers are hard at work today after Hurricane Maria ravaged Puerto Rico, knocking out electricity to the entire island and triggering landslides and floods.

Hurricane Maria destroys hundreds of homes and triggers flooding in Puerto Rico

The strongest hurricane to hit Puerto Rico in over 80 years destroyed hundreds of homes, knocked out power across the entire island and triggered heavy flooding on Wednesday.

Astronaut suffers double hurricane blow while orbiting the Earth

The International Space Station's Joe Acaba, the first astronaut of Puerto Rican heritage, has been affected by two hurricanes - even in orbit.

10 days after Hurricane Irma, the Caribbean prepares for 160mph winds of Hurricane Maria

Hurricane Maria has intensified into a "potentially catastrophic" category five storm as it continues on a collision course with Caribbean islands already battered by Irma.