Amazon ‘listens to what users say to Alexa’

The technology giant has confirmed it uses a ‘small sample’ of recordings from the voice assistant to help it improve the software’s responses.


Hotel websites leaking customer details, study finds

Angela Moon Two out of three hotel websites inadvertently leak guests’ booking details and personal data to third-party sites, including advertisers and analytics companies, according to research by cybersecurity firm Symantec.


HSE and bank could fall foul of GDPR over fadas

The State data watchdog is investigating the refusal of public bodies and private companies to properly spell Irish names after a television producer being treated for cancer alleged a breach of strict EU rules.


Over 3,200 GDPR breaches logged

More than 3,200 breaches of data have been reported to the Data Protection Commission in the seven months since the most comprehensive ever overhaul of EU privacy laws was introduced.


Department feared GDPR breach by releasing anonymous political pension list

The Department of Finance feared it could not publish an anonymised list of pensions for former ministers and officeholders as it would be too easy to identify them.


Surge in privacy complaints to office of Data Protection Commissioner

There has been a surge in complaints and reports to the Data Protection Commissioner.


Irish businesses report little change to operations following GDPR

According to a survey carried out one month on from the introduction of GDPR, most Irish companies say that they do not believe that it has not made any difference to their day-to-day operations.