Circus skills classes providing respite from the siege in Gaza

Jenny Higgins teaches circus skills to women and girls in Gaza, writes Ellie O’Byrne


Readers' Blog: It’s logical that Gaza become part of Egypt

In the interest of balance you need to look at Gaza and the West Bank also from an Israeli position.


Two Palestinians killed as violence erupts amid Gaza ceasefire

Gaza militants fired some 200 rockets at Israel and the Israeli military carried out a similar number of airstrikes in Gaza this week.


Israeli leaders plan response as Gaza violence continues

Egypt is seeking to broker a long-term ceasefire between the two sides.


UN envoy ‘deeply alarmed’ by escalation in violence in Gaza Strip

Israel has carried out air strikes in retaliation over rockets fired by Hamas.


Israel pounds Gaza Strip with airstrikes amid ceasefire talks

Palestinians fired scores of rockets into Israel as Egypt seeks to broker a truce.