Fine Gael leadership

Leo must go on. He must risk events, prove his capacity to handle them... convince of his credibility, writes Gerard Howlin

A lot done but a lot was left undone - Changing of the guard

ENDA KENNY will resign as Taoiseach today, bringing to an end a journey that began in 1975 when he was elected to Dáil Éireann to succeed his father, Henry. 

Leo Varadkar warns UK not to get ‘too close’ to DUP

Incoming Taoiseach Leo Varadkar has warned the British government not to get “too close” to the Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) amid fears that the make-shift Westminster coalition could put the Good Friday Agreement at risk.

Suspense building as Fine Gael TDs await reshuffle

With just 48 hours or so to go, there will be many frayed nerves in the Fine Gael ranks this morning.

Leo Varadkar clear to become Taoiseach

The path has been cleared for the new Fine Gael leader, Leo Varadkar, to become Taoiseach.

Reality to bite Leo’s dynamic new dawn

Life in Varadkar’s Ireland will be a bright new dawn, Leo informed us outside Government Buildings, writes Daniel McConnell

Simon Coveney warns Leo Varadkar against dropping Simon Harris

Simon Coveney has warned against dropping Health Minister Simon Harris from Cabinet.

Shane Ross

Independent Alliance demands increase in free votes

The Independent Alliance is demanding more free votes within Government if Leo Varadkar is to secure its members’ votes to become taoiseach next Tuesday.

The likely winners and losers in Leo Varadkar’s revamped cabinet

They were all singing for their supper, but now the meals are coming who will be left hungry? Fiachra Ó Cionnaith assesses the likely winners and losers in incoming Taoiseach Leo Varadkar’s new cabinet.

Speculation Paschal Donohoe may get Finance

Speculation is continuing that incoming taoiseach Leo Varadkar may ask close supporter Paschal Donohoe to take over as Finance Minister in addition to his Public Expenditure role.

Leo Varadkar 'considering Simon Coveney for Tánaiste'

Incoming Taoiseach Leo Varadkar may ultimately appoint his leadership rival Simon Coveney as Tánaiste as part of a peace offering to ease party divisions.

Leo Varadkar: ‘Prejudice has no hold in this Republic’

“Prejudice has no hold in this Republic”, Fine Gael’s new leader Leo Varadkar has said after sweeping to an historic election victory.

Fine Gael leadership contest a PR masterstroke for do-nothing Dáil

INTENTIONAL or not, the Fine Gael leadership contest has been a PR masterstroke, writes, Political Reporter Elaine Loughlin.

Varadkar’s easiest win for years to come

WHEN British Prime Minister Theresa May cast aside her assurances that she would not call an election, her opponents, and a growing number who are happy to be numbered in their ranks, accused her of trying to stage a coup.

How momentum built for Team Leo

When Leo Varadkar got to his feet in the Dáil taking Leaders Questions in April, filling in for Enda Kenny, some of his closest allies realised this very well could be the next Taoiseach, writes Juno McEnroe.

Leo Varadkar's reshuffle is a chance for Fine Gael to play musical chairs

There will be nothing very revolutionary about the makeup of the new cabinet, writes Elaine Loughlin.

Leo Varadkar: Proof there is no limit to ambition

Fine Gael leader Leo Varadkar has said his election proves that “every proud parent in Ireland today can dream big dreams for their children”.

Simon Coveney: Two-horse race forced the party to reflect

A defeated Simon Coveney last night said his dogged determination to stay in the race to become Taoiseach forced his party to “look itself in the mirror” and address serious issues affecting the public.

Eoghan Murphy, Leo Varadkar and Maura Hopkins during a 5k streets of Dublin run on Sunday, May 21. Picture: Gareth Chaney Collins

The people behind Leo Varadkar's leadership victory

Bertie had his kitchen cabinet. Enda had ‘Big’ Phil Hogan and a silent but deadly Michael Noonan. And, if comments from Kate O’Connell are to be believed, Leo has an entire choir, writes Fiachra Ó Cionnaith.

Leo Varadkar is hoisted aloft by his supporters after being declared the winner of the Fine Gael leadership election battle with Simon Coveney.

Leo the Unflappable finally lets down his guard

JUST for a minute, Leo the Unflappable let down the guard which he had so carefully kept in place throughout the last two and half tumultuous, hectic weeks under the white-hot scrutiny of party members and the media. He had stuff to say which he had left unsaid throughout the contest, things he felt deeply about, writes Lise Hand.

Reaction: Labour say Leo Varadkar must 'unite our people'; Gerry Adams urges him to call an election

Latest: The Labour Party leader, Brendan Howlin, has said Leo Varadkar must unite everyone in the country if he is to be elected as Taoiseach.

Leo Varadkar: Meet the man who will lead Fine Gael

Leo Varadkar has never been shy about his ambitions.

Result: Leo Varadkar denies split in Fine Gael after he wins leadership contest

Latest: New Fine Gael leader Leo Varadkar has denied there is a split in the party following the leadership campaign.

Fine Gael leader to be declared after 16-day contest

The leader of Fine Gael is expected to be declared before 6pm this evening after a 16-day campaign.

Cormac MacConnell: Cormac’s plan to get the economy buzzing

Whoever wins, Simon Coveney or Leo Varadkar, Cormac expects a call from Ireland’s next Taoiseach tomorrow.

Denis Naughten rules out any possibility of a return to Fine Gael

As the voting gets underway to decide the leadership of Fine Gael, the Environment Minister says he won't be returning to the party.

Chances of a snap election looms as FG support rises

The likelihood of a snap election in the months after the Fine Gael leadership race has increased sharply after the Government party surged ahead of Fianna Fáil in the latest public support poll

Voting for new Fine Gael leader to begin

Leo Varadkar and Simon Coveney faced off in the final Fine Gael leadership debate last night.

Simon Coveney refusing to call time on leadership ambitions

Spurred on by support from Fine Gael grassroots members, Simon Coveney tells Juno McEnroe he believes he can still steal the crown from firm favourite Leo Varadkar

Coveney supporters insist he can win FG leadership battle

Defiant supporters of Housing Minister Simon Coveney have insisted he can still pull it out of the fire as Fine Gael members start casting their votes today for a new leader.

Varadkar accuses Coveney of ‘divisive and dishonest’ politics

The Fine Gael leadership contest has risked causing a damaging party rift, after Leo Varadkar accused Simon Coveney of “divisive and dishonest” politics, with his rival claiming that Mr Varadkar is “spending money we don’t have”.

Chances of a snap election looms as FG support rises

The likelihood of a snap election in the months after the Fine Gael leadership race has increased sharply after the Government party surged ahead of Fianna Fáil in the latest public support poll.

Winner to take all after Coveney and Varadkar play out cup final

The hustings would be ‘like playing Galatasaray,’ reckoned Kerry TD Brendan Griffin. But the two leadership candidates addressed the fiery final meeting in Cork with low-key, measured addresses, writes Lise Hand

LATEST: Mairead McGuinness announces support for Simon Coveney for Taoiseach

LATEST: Fine Gael MEP Mairead McGuinness has publicly said she will support Simon Coveney in the race to become the next taoiseach just six days out from the vote, writes Fiachra O'Cionnaith

CLODAGH FINN: Time to fly flag for late starters... before it’s too late

Those who jump out of bed with the first bleep of the alarm clock emit a sort of nauseating righteousness that is hard to take. Let’s not allow them to get away with thinking they are the hardest-working ones too, writes Clodagh Finn.

Members giddy as contest starts to heat up

Unlike his first hustings, Leo didn’t read straight from his script, addressing the audience directly and lobbing in a few sly jabs at Simon, writes Lisa Hand

Coveney says party must ‘never let anybody rewrite history’

Simon Coveney has insisted only his party can be trusted to steer the economy going forward, at the opening of the second night of the Fine Gael leadership debates in Carlow,

Latest: Varadkar and Coveney go head-to-head at second hustings as protesters gather outside

Latest: Simon Coveney has insisted only his party can be trusted to steer the economy going forward, at the opening of the second night of the Fine Gael leadership debates in Carlow.

Leo Varadkar and Simon Coveney clash at head-to-head hustings

Latest: Simon Coveney and Leo Varadkar have clashed sharply during a lively debate during their first head-to-head hustings in Dublin this evening

Leo Varadkar and Simon Coveney go head to head in first hustings

The race to be the next taoiseach will heat up this evening as rivals Leo Varadkar and Simon Coveney go head-to-head in the first of four nights of hustings for the Fine Gael leadership contest.

Ryanair boss Michael O'Leary backs ‘more risky’ Leo Varadkar

Ryanair boss Michael O’Leary said he’s strongly backing Leo Varadkar and not fellow Corkman Simon Coveney to become the new Fine Gael leader because he believes that the country needs a fresh change.

Stroll in the park for Leo Varadkar, but kissing babies is off the agenda

Despite sunshine, a few storm clouds rolled in from the south for Leo, writes Lise Hand.

Leo Varadkar calls Sinn Féin 'the greatest threat to our democracy'

Leo Varadkar has attacked Sinn Féin claiming the party are "the greatest threat to our democracy", writes Elaine Loughlin of the Irish Examiner.

Simon Coveney takes issue with Leo Varadkar's United Ireland tagline

Simon Coveney says he can win the fight to be the next Fine Gael leader and Taoiseach by just 2% if he can reverse just six votes for his rival and win the support of most members and councillors.

Latest: Simon Coveney: ‘I’m not used to being an underdog, in politics or in life’

The Housing Minister believes he is the right person to take over from Enda Kenny.

Leadership race provides chance for Fine Gael to set new direction

Around the country members are meeting the two men who want the privilege of being Taoiseach, writes Gerard Howlin.

Simon Coveney bullish on prospects

Fine Gael leadership contender Simon Coveney has insisted he can win the support of seven TDs and MEPs who have not declared — turning the election into a ‘knife-edge’ contest.

Fianna Fáil: Any new policy will require talks

Fianna Fáil will demand a renegotiation of the confidence and supply agreement if the new Fine Gael leader attempts to introduce policies into the programme for government.

Hands-off warning as gloves come off as well

“She’s 100% committed. He’ll just have to target someone else.” It may still officially be a polite, cordial oh-so-Fine Gael leadership race, but there is no mistaking the fact the gloves are slowly coming off in the fight to become taoiseach.

Leo Varadkar camp defy calls to defect

Leo Varadkar’s supporters are defying overtures from Simon Coveney’s camp to change their position with one TD declaring he would not “commit political suicide” and reverse his stance.

Fianna Fáil 'ready' for snap election and won't support Varadkar's 'flimsy' proposal banning strikes

Fianna Fáil has said it is ready for a snap election at any time and could have candidates selected in a matter of days.

If elected, Leo, you’ll need to be more than taoiseach for early risers

Set out to break down barriers. Not the trendy ones, but the really insurmountable barriers, says Fergus Finlay.

Waiting for Leo: King-in-waiting takes centre stage

Lise Hand admires Leo Varadkar’s immaculate stage directions in his campaign so far, from backdrops to props and stealing scenes from his rival. But his policy details will not go down well with everyone

Light on substance but Leo Varadkar does look the part

Taking questions for some 40 minutes at his policy launch yesterday, Leo Varadkar looks cut from a different cloth to the incumbent leader, writes Alison O’Connor.

Reshuffle inevitable as supporters jockey for cabinet posts

Inevitably with a new Cabinet or reshuffle of ministers, there will be losers as well as winners.

Key policy unveiled by Varadkar lashed by unions and Fianna Fáil

Leo Varadkar has hit his first major stumbling block in the Fine Gael leadership race after a key policy — banning strike action by emergency services after a Labour Court recommendation is issued — was lambasted by unions and opposition parties.

Trade unions and parties attack Varadkar’s ‘Thatcher-like’ measures

Leo Varadkar’s radical plan to ban workers from striking has provoked a backlash among trade unions and parties and threatened to destabalise new pay deal talks with public sector employees.

Varadkar says landlords 'should be treated like any other business'

Latest: Fine Gael leadership candidate Leo Varadkar has said the "punitive charges" against landlords must be reversed so they are treated "like any" company and allowed to "offset" losses against their "business".

LATEST: Simon Coveney denies he is an 'also-ran' and wants Fine Gael 'to represent everybody'

Latest: Despite being behind in the leadership race, Simon Coveney said today he is not an "some kind of also-ran".

Simon Coveney: We are not done yet

It's not over yet - Housing Minister Simon Coveney has vowed to continue his campaign for the leadership of Fine Gael, writes Eoin English of the Irish Examiner.

Varadkar rules out snap election and Brexit role for Enda Kenny

Runaway Fine Gael leadership candidate Leo Varadkar has ruled out calling a snap election and will not give Enda Kenny an official Brexit role should he gain power.

LATEST: Nominations close for FG leadership race

Latest: Nominations have closed for the Fine Gael leadership election.

Latest: Fine Gael factions kick off: Coveney backer labels Varadkar supporters 'choir boys'

Latest: A key Simon Coveney backer has labelled Leo Varadkar's supporters "choir boys" who are "singing for their supper" and ignoring grassroots views.

Enda Kenny: 'Je ne regrette rien'

Taoiseach Enda Kenny was in sombre mood this morning, responding to questions about whether he has any regrets about his time in power by saying: "Je ne regrette rien", writes Fiachra Ó Cionnaith of the Irish Examiner.

Simon Coveney: People 'looking for a Taoiseach who will solve their problems'

Housing Minister Simon Coveney has strongly hit back at claims he lacks charisma, saying a new Taoiseach doesn't need an 'X factor' but needs to deliver, writes Daniel McConnell of the Irish Examiner.

Richard Bruton endorses 'decisive' and 'reforming' Leo Varadkar

Education Minister Richard Bruton has announced he will not be running in the Fine Gael leadership race but will instead be supporting Leo Varadkar, writes Elaine Loughlin of the Irish Examiner.

Latest: Final plans for FG leadership contest revealed

Latest: Fine Gael's national executive has outlined the final plans for the leadership contest.

Photo gallery: A look at Enda Kenny through the years

Here is a compilation of photos from Mr Kenny's life throughout the years.

Michael Ring says Kenny's successor will have to have commitment and stamina

Mayo Fine Gael TD Michael Ring has said Enda Kenny's successor will have to show the same commitment and stamina that the Taoiseach did.

Emotion the order of the day as Enda Kenny steps down at historic Fine Gael party meeting

It was a short but historic meeting of the Fine Gael parliamentary party, when an emotional Enda Kenny announced he would be standing down as leader, writes political reporter Elaine Loughlin.

Enda Kenny: Highs and lows of his record-breaking time as Fine Gael leader

He led Ireland out of the worst recession in living memory, then called people "whingers" for not realising it.

Latest: British PM Theresa May wishes Enda Kenny 'all the very best'

Latest: British Prime Minister Theresa May has wished Enda Kenny all the best describing him as a strong and consistent friend of Britain.