Music memories: Tune into the playlist of your life

Music can be a vital tool for our mental wellbeing – especially as we get older, writes Margaret Jennings


The Azure scheme: A window on the world

The Azure scheme helps people with dementia to enjoy galleries and museums, writes Marjorie Brennan


Lest they forget: Quaid on a mission to help people understand dementia

‘What’s going on with Quaid?’ his friends would ask. Kevin Quaid was asking himself the same question. The answer, when it came, was devastating: Lewy Body Dementia. Catherine Shanahan reports.


Study to probe whether former footballers more likely to suffer dementia than general public

A Glasgow-based research team will investigate whether former footballers are more likely to suffer from dementia later in life than the general public.


British scientists excited by prospect that drugs could slow progression of dementia

Two "repurposed" drugs have been shown to reduce the kind of brain shrinkage caused by Alzheimer’s and other neurodegenerative diseases.