Mayweather-McGregor gate receipts fail to break record

Almost 7,000 seats were empty on the night.

Luck played a part in getting Floyd Mayweather to wear Paddy Power undies

The bookmaker admits it was quite a coup, writes Conall Ó Fátharta.

McGregor thanks fans, says with more prep Mayweather fight could have gone to 12 rounds

Conor McGregor has posted on his Facebook thanking fans and his team after a "whirlwind couple of days."

Conor McGregor eyes bright future despite boxing defeat

Don’t worry, you’re not the only one still on Las Vegas time.

Conor McGregor ponders next move as he toasts $100m payout

Conor McGregor will consider remaining in boxing despite being thoroughly outclassed and stopped in 10 rounds by Floyd Mayweather in Las Vegas.

Conor McGregor: Never has a defeat tasted as sweet

The sunglasses obscured the damage to his face and the Paisley suit looked immaculate but it was obvious this man was not long out of a fight.

Stars of UFC, boxing and WWE were full of praise for Conor McGregor despite his defeat

Many were impressed the UFC star had gone 10 rounds with Mayweather.

Conor McGregor receives support from boxing legends after loss

McGregor was told he had "nothing to be ashamed of" by boxing great Lennox Lewis.

Watch it again: Mayweather and McGregor open up in post-fight press conference

Floyd Mayweather inflicted a TKO stoppage on Conor McGregor in the tenth round.

Mayweather praises ‘tough competitor’ McGregor for making him work hard

Mayweather accepted that McGregor was "a lot better than I thought".

Conor McGregor: ‘I've been strangled on live TV and came back’

There’s no fear of Conor McGregor’s confidence being knocked despite suffering a TKO against Floyd Mayweather.

Floyd Mayweather retires with perfect record by stopping Conor McGregor in mismatch

Mayweather won for the 50th time in his decorated career when the fantasy fight with McGregor proved a mismatch.

As it happened: Floyd Mayweather beats Conor McGregor to seal 50-0 record

It’s Mayweather vs McGregor, 49-0 vs 0-0, boxing vs UFC.

McGregor v Mayweather: The Definitive Tactical Preview

Already a sure-fire fiscal phenomenon outside the ring, what remains to be seen is how the Floyd Mayweather/Conor McGregor match-up will ultimately unfold inside it.

The most Googled questions about Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather answered

The public wanted to know, so here are the answers.

Some things you may want to know for the Mayweather/McGregor fight

Floyd Mayweather looks to improve an immaculate professional record to 50-0 in the early hours of Sunday morning when he takes on Ireland's UFC superstar Conor McGregor.

McIlroy fears McGregor and Mayweather laughing behind the scenes

Rory McIlroy has said he fears Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather are laughing at the public behind the scenes, writes Ciara Phelan.

McGregor admits 'slips of the tongue' after Mayweather accuses him of racist remarks

Conor McGregor has admitted he did suffer some "slips of the tongue" during a press conference with Floyd Mayweather despite denying the claims earlier this month writes Ciara Phelan.

Watch: Conor McGregor releases impressive Beats by Dre ad featuring young Dublin men

He has been hinting at a collaboration with Beats by Dre on his Instagram for weeks but no one expected an advertisement like this, writes Ciara Phelan.

Conor McGregor makes gambling jibe to Floyd Mayweather in subdued press conference

Conor McGregor accused Floyd Mayweather of having a "big-time gambling problem" as the two faced off ahead of Saturday's fight in Las Vegas.

Dr Ed Coughlan: Contrasting styles in approach of Mayweather and McGregor point to classic showdown

Conor McGregor’s intense exploration to find the limits of his ability have told him one thing – if you’re prepared to continually ask the hard questions of yourself, you will find a way, writes Dr Ed Coughlan.

‘Conor McGregor is not the bravest and has no character’, says ex-sparring partner

“What I noticed about Conor wasn’t so much his ability or inability to take a punch, what I noticed about Conor’s character was he's not the bravest guy one you’re beating him up.”

‘More aggressive’ Floyd Mayweather wants to knockout Conor McGregor early, says Eubank Jnr

McGregor has been warned he will face the same Mayweather who so impressively eased to victory over Manny Pacquiao.

People start #McGregorChallenge by imitating the Dubliner's funny warm up move

Conor McGregor's warm-up has attracted huge attention online and is about to start a new craze, writes Ciara Phelan.

Mayweather concedes 'I'm taking the bigger risk' as McGregor 'excited' about contest

Floyd Mayweather Jr has said he is "coming straight ahead" at Conor McGreogor but also stated he was "taking the bigger risk," writes Ciara Phelan.

National Wax Museum defends ‘Notorious’ Conor McGregor waxwork

“We could take a picture of the actual Conor McGregor, put it up and say ‘This is the new waxwork’, and we’ll still get criticism for it not looking as good.”

Conor McGregor: When I hear their disrespect, I use it as motivation

Conor McGregor has been driven on through the final stages of the training camp for his August 26 fight with Floyd Mayweather by the increasing ridicule he is receiving.

Robert Byrd to referee Conor McGregor v Floyd Mayweather bout

American referee Robert Byrd is to oversee the fight between Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor on August 26.

Conor McGregor: I will be a god of boxing after Floyd Mayweather fight

Conor McGregor has said he will be a "god of boxing" after his fight with Floyd Mayweather.