The UK is engaged in an "internal battle" over its Brexit position, the European Parliament's negotiator has said.

UK must address Irish border question before negotiations continue, EU negotiator

The UK must address its failure to present a workable solution to the Irish border problem before Brexit negotiations can proceed to the next stage, a key player in the European Parliament has warned.

Theresa May expects Boris Johnson to remain in her Cabinet

Theresa May is expecting Boris Johnson to remain in her Cabinet as Foreign Secretary, Downing Street has said.

Next risk for sterling: May’s key Brexit speech this week

The Bank of England is facing an increasingly difficult balancing act in setting an appropriate monetary policy for the UK. Inflation is overshooting its 2% target by quite a wide margin. 

Theresa May warns Boris Johnson British Government 'driven from the front'

Theresa May has moved to reassert control over her Cabinet after Boris Johnson's publication of a personal vision for Brexit, with the Prime Minister declaring: "This Government is driven from the front."

Boris Johnson and Theresa May to hold Brexit plan crunch talks after article row

Boris Johnson is preparing for crunch talks with Theresa May amid recriminations over the Brexit blueprint that left him clashing with officials and facing criticism from colleagues.

IBEC welcomes call for transitional Brexit deal for UK

A group representing Irish business has welcomed a call from the UK for the country to remain in the single market and customs union for a transitional period after Brexit.

Latest: UK stats watchdog stands firm in Brexit row with Boris Johnson

Latest: The head of the UK statistics watchdog has refused to back down in the public spat with the British Foreign Secretary over his Brexit claims.

Ireland ‘will block next phase of Brexit talks’ over border

The Government is set to block Britain’s attempts to progress Brexit negotiations because of its failure to address concerns about the border with the North.

Leo Varadkar set to block next stage of Brexit talks

The Taoiseach has said he is not optimistic that the UK will be able to do enough by next month to move onto the next phase of negotiations on Brexit.

UK revenue may need 5,000 extra staff to cope with Brexit

Britain's tax authority could need up to 5,000 extra staff to cope with the increased customs demands on the first day of Brexit, MPS have heard.

May in double bind in bid to negotiate politics of Brexit

UK prime minister Theresa May is in a double bind as she tries to navigate the politics of Brexit while keeping businesses on side: Even when she thinks she’s giving companies what they want, they say she’s made it worse.

Juncker insists wind is back in Europe's sails after 'sad and tragic' Brexit

Britain will soon regret voting for Brexit but the European Union will move on, the European Commission president has insisted.

French Minister wants 'more clarity' on Brexit from UK government

France's economy minister has called for "more clarity and less ambiguity" from the UK Government on its plans for Brexit.

Share boost for Applegreen but Brexit fears loom

Shares in fuel retailer Applegreen rose more that 4% yesterday as it reported a 20% increase in profits for the year to the end of June, compared to the same period last year.

Brexit will mean 300,000 fewer British tourists in Ireland next year, says Failte Ireland

Brexit will have resulted in 300,000 fewer UK holidaymakers visiting Ireland in 2018, compared with the previous 12 months, it has been warned.

UK government wins first vote on Brexit bill as Tories warn changes needed

The British government has comfortably defeated attempts to derail its flagship Brexit legislation, amid warnings from senior Tories that changes will be required.

Is Britain bordering on conceding that it will leave Northern Ireland?

The only logical solution... is for Britain to declare that it will withdraw from the North, writes Fergus Finlay.

Joanna Lumley on Brexit: We shouldn't allow the Irish border to return

Joanna Lumley has said the Irish border should not be allowed to return.

Jeremy Corbyn wants to retain trade within the single market post Brexit

Jeremy Corbyn has kept the door open for long-term UK membership of the EU single market after Brexit.

Failure to secure smooth EU trade deal 'could hit quality of supermarket food'

The quality of food on supermarket shelves could suffer if the Government fails to secure frictionless trade with the European Union after Brexit, the head of the maritime trade body warned.

Voting against repeal bill means backing 'chaotic' EU exit, David Davis says

MPs have been warned by David Davis that voting against the Brexit repeal bill would amount to backing a "chaotic" exit from the European Union.

Europe must avoid US protectionist approach to trade talks

EU and UK negotiators must avoid the US protectionist approach to trade talks which has worked against the interests of American farmers, said Darci Vetter, former chief agricultural negotiator for the US Trade Representative under the Obama administration.

Unions accuse British government of "criminal" negligence over "kamikaze" Brexit

The British government has been accused of a "criminal" lack of preparation for Brexit amid increasing calls for workers’ rights to be protected as the UK leaves the EU.

Micheál Martin proposes 'special economic zone' solution to Brexit issue in Northern Ireland

Northern Ireland and the border counties should be designated a "special economic zone" to challenge poverty and help limit the damage of Brexit, Fianna Fáil leader Micheál Martin has said.

UK data suggest growth is lagging

Britain’s Brexit-bound economy is showing little sign that its leaden performance in the first half of 2017 is improving, despite hints of better times for manufacturers.

Concern over how Brexit will impact on cross-border health schemes

The Government is drawing up contingency plans, should cross-border healthcare schemes be affected by a hard Brexit, Health Minister Simon Harris has said.

EU says Irish border will not be a 'Brexit' test case for Britain

The Irish border cannot be the test case for Britain’s relations with Europe in the wake of Brexit, it has been warned.

Same-sex couples' pension rights 'at risk' under UK Brexit legislation

Same-sex couples' pension rights are at risk under the UK Government's Brexit legislation, ministers have been told.

UK citizens face second-class status under Brexit, barristers warn

British citizens risk being reduced to a second-class status by controversial Brexit legislation, the Bar Council has said.

Unique solution needed for Irish border after Brexit, says Brussels

In a four-page document on the critical issue for Ireland, negotiators in Brussels have warned that it is more than just a customs problem.

EU understands open Irish border will not affect members says UK Brexit Secretary

The European Union has been persuaded that continuing the open border area between the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland would not impinge on its citizens' rights, the Brexit Secretary has said.

Theresa May 'misquoted report by peers to justify Brexit Bill power grab'

Theresa May has been accused by senior peers of misquoting a parliamentary committee to justify granting the Government "unprecedented and extraordinary" powers in the Brexit repeal Bill.

Chances of Brexit talks moving onto trade by October 'close to zero'

Herman van Rompuy dismissed suggestions that slow progress could be blamed on the inflexibility of EU chief negotiator Michel Barnier

Varadkar very happy with European Commission Brexit paper

Latest: The Taoiseach said the Government is very happy with the European Commission's position paper on Brexit published today.

Britain on the brink - Time for all to face the facts

BRITAIN’S House of Commons meets this week to debate the bill which will — as from March 2019 — take the country out of the European Union. 

British Government seeks business supporters for Brexit strategy

Downing Street has approached some of Britain's biggest companies asking them to give public support for the Government's approach to Brexit.

UK employers concerned by leaked plans for 'more selective' immigration post-Brexit

Leaked Government proposals to cut immigration of lower-skilled workers after Brexit have come under fire from employers, who voiced concern at the potential impact on Britain's agriculture, hospitality and healthcare sectors.

Brexit fallout puts Ireland ahead of UK for popularity with expats

Ireland has leaped above the UK for the first time in an annual global study of the most desirable emigration destinations.

Britain needs the US to be its new best friend

With the EU unyielding in its Brexit demands, and with the third round of talks failing, the UK will become ever more dependent on its largest trading partner says John Lloyd

Arbitration offers Theresa May a way out of mess of her own making

Britain’s prime minister, Theresa May, is dithering over the exit payment to be made to the EU and over the terms of an interim separation before the final ‘divorce’, says Clive Crook            

Bumpy times ahead for Brexit talks

The mindset of the hardline Brexiteers and eurosceptics is key to understanding the road ahead as the increasingly contentious EU-UK negotiations continue, writes Kyran Fitzgerald

Brexit ‘could derail Irish economy’

Measures need to be taken in order to make small and medium enterprises ’Brexit-proof’ or it “could derail Ireland’s economy”, a body representing Irish and British business has said.

Coveney: Liam Fox’s comments ‘unhelpful’

Minister for Foreign Affairs Simon Coveney has strongly rejected British government claims that the UK is being “blackmailed” by Ireland and the other EU countries in ongoing Brexit talks.

Theresa May’s weak position allows compromise

THOUGH it’s almost 15 months since Britain voted 48/52 to leave the European Union, the stridency and deliberate dishonesty of the campaign seems as fresh as ever. How could it be otherwise?

Brexit flagged as key issue in policing public consultation

The gardaí’s preparedness for Brexit, cross-border crime, and national security are among the pressing issues the Policing Authority and An Garda Síochána are seeking views on.

Leo Varadkar: We won’t give in on Brexit demands

Taoiseach Leo Varadkar has insisted Ireland and the EU will not give in on any key principles in order to strike a Brexit deal with Britain after meeting with a key UK cabinet member on the ongoing stand-off.

Pay cap and bonus ban may be axed to lure Brexit banks

The long-standing pay cap and bonus ban for top bankers could be scrapped in a bid to entice financial firms fleeing Brexit-hit London to Ireland.

Hard Brexit ‘would mean increased medicine costs’

Patients will have to bear the cost of increased administrative fees for medicines in the event of a hard Brexit, a body representing the sector has said.

Theresa May has to rescue ‘clown’ Boris Johnson

British prime minister Theresa May has had to come to the rescue of her foreign secretary, Boris Johnson, who has been branded a “clown” by leaders in Europe.

Brexit threatens promise of 50,000 tourism jobs

The Government’s target of creating 50,000 tourism jobs is threatened by the collapse in sterling, according to the Drinks Industry Group of Ireland (DIGI).

Taoiseach ‘very confident’ no border controls after Brexit

The Taoiseach is “very confident” there will be no border controls after Brexit.

Brexit position papers packed full of details that tell us nothing

The paper on Ireland was full of well-meaning statements of intent, particularly around not wanting the return of any border, but gave nothing by way of detail as to how such a pipe dream is to be delivered, writes Daniel McConnell.