Limerick 'breastfeeding-friendly' church joins calling for greater understanding of breastfeeding in public places

Ireland’s “first official breastfeeding-friendly church” has joined a calling for greater understanding of breastfeeding in public places.


Widespread benefits when mothers breastfeed babies, says study

There is a substantial return from investment in breastfeeding, with mothers, babies, and wider society benefitting.


Teacher granted breast-feeding breaks extension

Schools must allow teachers paid breastfeeding breaks for up to two years after the birth of a child, under an 18-month extension agreed by the Departm


Baby show urged to rethink sponsor

Academics and the HSE’s National Breastfeeding Coordinator have written to the organisers of the country’s biggest pregnancy and baby show asking them to reconsider its choice of sponsor.


Over 1 in 5 babies in wealthy countries have never been breastfed.

Wealthy countries are not doing enough to track levels of breastfeeding within a baby's first hour of life, global health leaders have said.


Breastfeeding is not 'easy' – stop telling new mothers that it is

It’s difficult to talk about breastfeeding in a productive way right now, writes Amy Brown.


Breastfeeding selfies the new parenting trend for 2015?

New mums taking selfies while breast-feeding their babies is expected to be one of the big new parenting trends for 2015.